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Macavity The Mystery Cat


T.s Eliot


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Summary of English Class 12 Chapter 7

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English Class 12 Chapter 7 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Bihar Board : Here you can find class 12th english 100 marks chapter 7 Summary in english for Bihar Board exam 2024. Macavity The Mystery Cat summary is very important for Bihar board examination.

Summary of Macavity The Mystery Cat Class 12

Macavity : The Mystery Cat was written by T.S Eliot. he was born in U.S.A but eventually he settled in England. He was a classicist in literature, Anglo- catholic in religion and a royalist in politics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1948. He was also a distinguished critic and dramatist. His well known poems are “The Waste Land” , “Ash Wednesday” and “Four quartets”. The poet composed this poem about cat. He tells that Macavity is so clever. He is very tall and thin. The poet says that when it does crime he never stays there. He cheats everyone but never leaves anything back. He is not like other cats. He is a smart cat and he always does mysterious things. He always makes mistakes and crime but never be present there. He attracts even the poet from his personality and cleverness. no other cat is like Macavity. The poet named that cat is ‘Napoleon of Crime’.      

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