English Class 12 Chapter 7 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 7 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. Macavity : The Mystery Cat objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. Macavity : The Mystery Cat written by John Donne.

Macavity : The Mystery Cat Objective Questions

  1. Who has written the poem ‘Macavity:the mystery cat’?

(a.) W H Auden

(b.) Walt Whitman

(c.) T S Eliot

(d.) John Donne

Ans (c.) T S Eliot

  1. T S Eliot belongs to …… and finally settled in …… .

(a.) Germany, France

(b.) America, Ireland

(c.) England, America

(d.) America, England

Ans (d.) America, England

  1. He was awarded Nobel Prize for literature in ……

(a.) 1945

(b.) 1946

(c.) 1947

(d.) 1948

Ans (d.) 1948

  1. T S Eliot was a …….. Century poet.

(a.) 17th

(b.) 18th

(c.) 19th

(d.) 20th

Ans (d.) 20th

  1. The wasteland is written by

(a.) W B Yeats

(b.) T S Eliot

(c.) Leo Tolstoy

(d.) John Keats

Ans (b.) T S Eliot

  1. Macavity is an ………. .

(a.) Outlaw

(b.) Ugly cat

(c.) Looter

(d.) Diplomat

Ans (a.) Outlaw

  1. Macavity is called a …….. .

(a.) Glutton

(b.) Black Horse

(c.) Harbinger

(d.) Hidden Paw

Ans (d.) Hidden Paw

  1. He is called the bafflement for

(a.) Central intelligence Agency

(b.) inter Service Intelligence

(c.) Mossad

(d.) Scotland Yard

Ans (d.) Scotland Yard

  1. What is Scotland yard ?

(a.) Headquarter of American Police

(b.) Headquarter of London Police

(c.) Headquarter of Irish Police

(d.) Headquarter of German Police

Ans (b.) Headquarter of London Police

  1. Macavity breaks the law of

(a.) Motion

(b.) Effect

(c.) Gravity

(d.) Attraction

Ans (c.) Gravity

  1. Macavity is a ……. cat.

(a.) Black

(b.) White

(c.) Ginger

(d.) Tabby

Ans (c.) Ginger

  1. Macavity sways his head like a ………

(a.) man

(b.) Snake

(c.) horse

(d.) fox

Ans (b.) Snake

  1. Macavity is called the ………. of depravity.

(a.) Factor

(b.) Monster

(c.) Source

(d.) messenge

Ans (b.) Monster

  1. Mungojerrie and griddlebone are also ………. .

(a.) cats

(b.) dogs

(c.) cow

(d.) birds

Ans (a.) cats

  1. The poet compares Macavity to ……. .

(a.) Hitler

(b.) Mussolini

(c.) Stalin

(d.) Napoleon

Ans (d.) Napoleon

  1. Who is responsible for every crime that takes place in London ?

(a.) Napoleon

(b.) Macavity

(c.) Poet

(d.) London police

Ans (b.) Macavity

  1. Macavity is full of ………

(a.) Happiness

(b.) Sadness

(c.) Selfishness

(d.) Deceitfulness

Ans (d.)Deceitfulness

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