English Class 12 Chapter 10 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 10 Subjective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Subjective questions for bihar board exam 2024. My Grandmother’s House subjective questions is very important for board exam 2024. 

My Grandmother's House Subjective Questions

1. Who is ‘I’ in the second line of the poem?

Ans. In the second line of the poem, ‘I’ is the speaker who is the poetess Kamala Das.

2. Where did the speaker once receive love?

Ans. The speaker got love and affection at her grandmother’s house.

3. Why did the house go into silence?

Ans. The house went into silence as a result of the death of her grandmother.

4. Why was the speaker unable to read the books?

Ans. The speaker was unable to read the books because she was too young to read and understand the script.

5. Why did the speaker often wish to go to that house?

Ans. The poetess received lot of love and attention by her grandmother whenever she visited her. That is why she always wished to go to that house.

6. Why was the speaker proud of living in that house?

Ans. The speaker had spent her childhood in that house. She had fond memories of love and affection that was bestowed upon her by her grandmother. That was why she was proud of living in that house.

7. Why does the speaker say that she has lost her way?

Ans. Speaker says so because she had last visited her grandmother’s house when she was a young child of about three years age. After so many years, her memories of the past compelled her to visit that place again. She thought that after such a long gap of time she might not exactly remember the path leading to her grandmother’s house. She was afraid that she might get lost on her way to the grandmother’s house.

8. Is the speaker satisfied with her present life? If not, why?

Ans. The speaker is not satisfied with her present life because she is not getting the kind of love and affection which she got at her grandmother’s house. She badly misses the tender care and love of her grandmother and often thinks of going back to that house.

9. How does the speaker describe the condition of her grandmother’s house? Does it resemble to the house of any of your acquaintance?

Ans. The poetess had spent her childhood in that house under the tender care and attention of her grandmother. Apart from the sentimental attachment, the house had nothing else of specific importance. It was a small house with short windows that opened towards the darkness outside the house. The condition of the doors was very bad and at any moment it would fall down. She loved listening to the frozen air and collect armful of darkness available in abundance outside the window. Behind her bedroom she could hear the brooding sound of dogs fighting with each other. It was difficult to imagine that how one would love and desire to live in such a house. But the love and affection of her grandmother made her forget all the shortcomings of the house. No it does not resemble to any house of my acquaintance.

10. What type of love or relation do you find between the grandmother and the speaker?

Ans. There was a deep love and affection between the speaker and her grandmother. Speaker loved her grandmother from the core of her heart. Grandmother also loved her immensely and gave her love, affection and tender care.

11. What changes have taken place since the speaker’s grandmother died?

Ans. After the death of speakers grandmother the house was in shambles and it wore a deserted look. All the articles in the house were scattered here and there and dust was seen all around. Snakes were seen crawling through the books in the shelf.

12. Point out the similies in the poem.

Ans. The poetess has used a number of similies in the poem, such as: ‘Blood turned cold like the moon’, and ‘to peer through the blind eyes of windows’, etc.

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