12th English 100 Marks

12th English 100 Marks Bihar Board : Here you can find class 12th english 100 marks chapter 1 Summary in english for Bihar Board exam 2022-23

Summary of indian civilization and culture class 12

‘Indian Civilization and Culture’ has been written by Mahatma Gandhi. In this essay, he described the importance of Indian Civilization. He says that Indian Civilization has kept its basic character very safe till now. It is unique and it cannot be beaten in the world. Rome, Greece, China and many other countries left their own ancient civilization and accepted western civilization. The people of those countries believe in materialism, but Indian Civilization did not change. It is really said that our mind is a restless bird, the more it gets the more it wants and still remains unsatisfied. Our ancestors did not want to live in cities and they belived in “Home Rule”. The Indians believe in restriction but the people of western countries believe in materialism and human desire etc. At last, he says that our civilization, Culture etc depend on restricting wants and self – control but western civilization depends on human-wants.

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