English Class 12 Chapter 7 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 7 Subjective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Subjective questions for bihar board exam 2024. Macavity: The Mystery Cat subjective questions is very important for board exam 2024. 

Macavity: The Mystery Cat Subjective Questions

1. Why does the poet call Macavity, a mystery cat?

Ans. The poet calls Macavity a mystery cat because it is very quick in motion and vanishes from the scene of crime in no time. It is extremely difficult to trace its movement or to locate it.

2. What are the adjectives that have been used to describe Macavity’s character?

Ans. Adjectives and terms used to describe Macavity include the following; ‘Mystery Cat’, ‘Hidden Paw’, ‘Master Criminal’, ‘Ginger Cat’ and it is stated to be very tall and thin.

3. Why is Macavity termed a ‘criminal’?

Ans. Macavity has been termed as a criminal because it defies all human laws and is even capable of breaking the law of gravity.

4. What is suggested by the phrase ‘Powers of Levitation’?

Ans. The phrase ‘Power of Levitation’ has been used to describe Macavity’s uncommon and extraordinary capacity to rise high-up in the air and float at a considerable height for some time.

5. What would you do if a cat enters your kitchen? Would you keep a cat as pet?

Ans. If a cat enters my kitchen, I shall try to get it out of kitchen immediately. No, I shall never keep a cat as a pet.

6. Discuss the poet’s impression of Macavity, the mystery cat. Why does he call it mysterious?

Ans. The author’s impression about Macavity is different from other cats because of its quick disappearance from the scene of crime or mischief, capacity to defy all human laws and unusual powers of levitation. It is tall and thin, has sunken eyes and head of the shape of a dome. Its hair are ruffled and movement resembles that of a snake and in the normal course it can be seen anywhere and every where but when a crime is committed it just disappears from the scene of crime. This is the reason the poet calls it mysterious.

7. ‘Macavity is never there’. Elaborate.

Ans. Through this line, the poet wants to convey that when Macavity does any mischief or commits any crime, it just disappears from the scene and becomes untraceable. It is not seen at its usual hiding places and its disappearance even baffles Scotland Yard because the detectives of this well-known detective agency are unable to trace Macavity.

8. Why does the poet call Macavity outwardly respectable’? Discuss.

Ans. The poet calls Macavity outwardly respectable’ because it never leaves any proof of crime and also immediately disappears from the scene of crime. It is never caught red handed and therefore, in absence of any resonable proof, it remains outwardly respectable.

9. There are other cats like Mungojerrie and Griddlebone, but there’s is no one like Macavity.’ Explain.

Ans. Macavity is a very clever cat and it always commits mischief and crimes of varying nature but immediately disappears from the scene of crime. In this way it is never caught red handed. It cheats at cards, steals food from the larder, It is like an evil spirit disguised in the form of an animal. It never leaves its footprints at the scene of crime. Other cats such as Mungojerrie and Griddlebone are not like Macavity.

10. Make a list of crimes Macavity is capable of.

Ans. Macavity defies law, cheats at card, breaks open the jewel case, drinks milk, shatters important papers to pieces, breaks glass of the green house, loots the larder and so on. After committing all these crimes it quietly disappears from the scene of crime without leaving any of its foot-prints.

11. What would you do to tame Macavity?

Ans. To tame Macavity is not an easy task and it is always advisable to avoid keeping such kind of cats. A cat like Macavity can only be trained if training is commenced when the pet is young and of tender age. It is possible to develop good habits in the pets if proper training is given to them by adopting the technique of reward and punishment. For obedience and good behaviour some reward should be given and for mischief, crime or disobedience some punishment must be given. In this way, over a period of time the pet animal would become properly trained.

12. Do you find the poem humorous? Give your comments on the poem.

Ans. In the poem, Macavity: The Mystery Cat’ the poet T.S. Eliot has given a beautiful description of the misdemenors of a cat known by the name of Macavity. Macavity is not like other ordinary cats. It has some special and most uncommon characteristics. After committing some mischief it just disappears from the scene of crime and becomes untraceable. For this reason it is also known as the Hidden Paw’ because the detectives at Scotland Yard find it difficult to trace Macavity once it has disappeared from the scene of crime. This adds to the suspense of the mystery surrounding this cat and provides greater thrill to the readers.

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