12th English 100 Marks

12th English 100 Marks Bihar Board : Here you can find class 12th english 100 marks chapter 10  Summary in english for Bihar Board exam 2022-23

India Through a Traveller’s Eyes Summary

My Grandmother’s house was written by Kamala Das. Most of her poems are autobiographical. It is also an autobiographical poem by her. In this poem she describes how there was a bond of love between her and her grandmother and how she feels alone after her death. She says that the house of her grand mother was an adobe of love and intimacy. She enjoyed unrestrained liberty there. Her life there was all happy. After her grandmother’s death snakes started moving among the books and in the House. She was too young to read those books. She could not receive such love as she got in that grandmother’s house. She wishes to see that house again and feel the same love. She tries to capture love and freedom by peeping through blind eyes of windows and listen to the frozen air but in vain. She feels alone and frustrated. She seeks love at stranger’s door. This is a fine poem. She succeeds in conveying her feelings through this small poem. Love according to him, is a rare commodity in the world of today.

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