English Class 12 Chapter 10 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 10 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. India Through a Traveller’s Eyes objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. India Through a Traveller’s Eyes written by Pearl S. buck.

India Through a Traveller’s Eyes Objective Questions

  1. Which type of prose-piece is India through a traveller’s eye ?

(a.) essay

(b.) travelogue

(c.) speech

(d.) short story

Ans (b.) travelogue

  1. Who has written ‘India through a traveller’s eye?

(a.) H E Bates

(b.) Mahatma Gandhi

(c.) Pearl S Buck

(d.) Shiga Naoya

Ans (c.) Pearl S Buck

  1. Pearl S Buck is an …………. writer.

(a.) American

(b.) African

(c.) Iranian

(d.) Japanese

Ans (a.) American

  1. Pearl S Buck had a/an

(a.) Chinese

(b.) Indian

(c.) African

(d.) American

Ans (b.) Indian

  1. Why did Pearl S Buck visit India?

(a.) to see the young intellectuals of cities

(b.) to see the Taj Mahal

(c.) to see the peasants in the village

(d.) to see the young intellectuals in the cities and peasants in the village

Ans (d.) to see the young intellectuals in the cities and peasants in the village

  1. The writer visited India ….. family doctor.

(a.) after independence

(b.) during first world war

(c.) during 2nd world war

(d.) on 15th Aug 1947.

Ans (c.) during 2nd world war

  1. Who was the prime minister of England during 2nd world war ?

(a.) Neville Chamberlain

(b.) Theresa May

(c.) Winston Churchill

(d.) Robert Walpole

Ans (c.) Winston Churchill

  1. Who invaded Kashmir?

(a.) Americans

(b.) Africans

(c.) Australians

(d.) Europeans

Ans (d.) Europeans

  1. According to the writer, the Indian belongs to ……. Race.

(a.) Negroid


(c.) Mongoloid

(d.) Australoid

Ans (b.) Caucasoid

  1. The first woman president of the general assembly of the United state was a/an …….

(a.) Chinese

(b.) English

(c.) Indian

(d.) American

Ans (c.) Indian

  1. In the words of writer ,the most pitiable condition of the farmer was in ..

(a.) Russia

(b.) India

(c.) China

(d.) Germany

Ans (b.) India

  1. Nazism was associated with …………

(a.) Mustafa kamal pasha

(b.) Colonel Nasir

(c.) Adolf Hitler

(d.) Lenin

Ans (c.) Adolf Hitler

  1. Who does the writer blames for all the ills of India?

(a.) Industrialists

(b.) Chinese

(c.) English

(d.) Zamindaars

Ans (c.) English

  1. The God’s earth was written by ……….

(a.) Anton Chekhov

(b.) H E Bates

(c.) Zakir Hussain

(d.) Pearl S Buck

Ans (d.) Pearl S Buck

  1. On a visit of a certain village the young host of the writer could speak fair ………………..

(a.) English

(b.) Hindi

(c.) Telugu

(d.) Malyalam

Ans (a.) English

  1. Who was the head of hostť’s family.

(a.) father

(b.) eldest brother

(c.) grand father

(d.) uncle

Ans (b.) eldest brother

  1. What made the Indian enervated and exhausted.

(a.) socialism

(b.) polytheism

(c.) communalism

(d.) Colonisation

Ans (d.) Colonisation

  1. According to the writer, what is the main quality of a leader.

(a.) education

(b.) honesty

(c.) innovation

(d.) selflessness

Ans (d.) selflessness

19 .The one who leave their home to just spread the Christianity are called ..

(a.) pope

(b.) saint

(c.) nun

(d.) Missionary

Ans (d.) Missionary

  1. Which book of Pearl S Buck is based on Indian background.

(a.) East wind west wind

(b.) Come,my beloved

(c.) The good earth

(d.) A house divided

Ans (b.) Come,my beloved

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