English Class 12 Chapter 4 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 4 Subjective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Subjective questions for bihar board exam 2024. I Have A Dream subjective questions is very important for board exam 2024. .

I Have A Dream Subjective Questions

1. What is the author trying to achieve through his speech?

Ans. The author is trying to draw the attention of people toward the pitiable condition of the Negroes through his speech.

2. Do you think Martin Luther King is a great orator? What, according to you, are the qualities of a great orator? What does Martin Luther urge his people to do?

Ans. Martin Luther King is a great orator. In my opinion a great orator is one who can build up and sustain the interest of listeners, keeps the audience spell bound and influence their mind in a positive way. Martin Luther King urged people to extend their support to the justified freedom struggle of the Negroes.

3. What is their pledge?

Ans. Their pledge is to march together towards peace and prosperity for all. They pledge that they would be satisfied only when they get their lawful rights and freedom from oppression.

4. What are the ‘trials and tribulations’ the author talks about?

Ans. The trials and tribulations refer to the difficulties and hardships which they may have to bear in their struggle for freedom and while raising their voice against injustice and discrimination.

5. This is our hope’ (Paragraph 19). What is the hope?

Ans. The hope is that one day the nation would rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. The sons of former slaves and sons of former slave owners will sit down together at a table of brotherhood. One day the state of Mississippi, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an Oasis of freedom and justice.

6. If America is to be a great nation, what must become true?

Ans. If America is to be a great nation it should not overlook the rights of Negroes. America should prohibit racial discrimination and give citizenship rights to the Negroes who are the natives of the country.

7. Why and when will they thank the Almighty?

Ans. They will thank the Almighty when the bells of freedom ring everywhere, in the state, city, town and village. The Negroes would be free from the bonds of slavery and enjoy equal citizenship rights.

8. ‘The life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination’. Elaborate.

Ans. Hundred years ago, a great American had signed Emancipation Proclamation which was a ray of light and hope to millions of Negro slaves. Unfortunately the Negroes were still leading a life crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of slavery. They were denied their fundamental civil rights and were considered to be inferior to the people of white race. They were like a disabled person who cannot do anything on their own. They faced discrimination at every stage on the basis of colour and creed. The inhuman dealings had crippled their life and they were cut off from the society.

9. What would be fatal for the nation? Why? Explain.

Ans. Overlooking and under-estimating the determination of the Negro would be fatal for the nation. The legitimate discontent of Negroes would not pass off until freedom and equal civil rights are granted to them. Denial of civil rights and justice wouldcompel them to revolt which would shake the foundations of the nation. If the nation does not recognise the need of the hour and continues to ignore them, then the situation may take an ugly turn in the form of a furious revolt.

10. What was the ‘dream’? How many times I have a dream’ appears in the lesson? Discuss the importance of this repetition.

Ans. The dream was that some day the racial discrimination would come to an end. Children of slaves and the children of slave owners would share a common table of fraternity. Injustice and discrimination would be stopped and an atmosphere of peace and love would prevail. The phrase, “I have a dream” has appeared nine times in the lesson. The repetition emphasizes the need to grant equal rights and justice to the Negroes in their legitimate struggle for freedom, social recognition and civil rights. If this dream does not come true the situation in the country can take an ugly turn in the form of revolt which may even lead to a civil unrest.

11. What is the pledge? When will it be fulfilled?

Ans. The pledge is to continuously march ahead towards the path of freedom, social justice and equality of civil rights for all the people of nation irrespective of their cast, colour and creed. This pledge would be fulfilled when the Negroes get their legitimate rights and freedom. They would not be tormented, discriminated and would be liberated from the clutches of slavery with civil rights at par with the white people.

12. Do you have a dream for your state? Narrate your dream in your own words.

Ans. I dream of a state abounding in health, happiness and prosperity, where all children go to school, people are literate and the employment level is hundred percent. I dream of a state that provides neat and clean drinking water, food for all and a pollution free environment. I dream of a state free from discrimination on the basis of cast, colour and creed. I dream of a state where just rule prevails and equal opportunities for self- development and prosperity are made available to everybody. I dream of a state free from corruption and crime and governed by the rule of law and order.

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