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Rainbow Part 2

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The Soldier


Rupert Brooke


Science, Commerce & Arts


Summary of English Class 12 Chapter 6

English Class 12 Chapter 6 Objective

English Class 12 Chapter 6 Subjective

English Class 12 Chapter 6 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Bihar Board : Here you can find class 12th english 100 marks chapter 6 Summary in english for Bihar Board exam 2024. The soldier summary is very important for Bihar board examination.

Summary of The Soldier Class 12

‘The Soldier’ is a very beautiful sonnet composed by Rupert Brooke. This sonnet is full of patriotism. The poet describes the feelings of an English Soldier who goes to a foreign country to fight for his own country. They feels that if he die in battle, the piece of foreign land where he will be buried will forever belong to England. He considers the piece of foreign land to be England because he was born and brought up in England. He also expresses his sense of gratitude of his country for everything he got there the flowers, the air he breathes, the laughter that he has learnt from friends. Finally this is an awesome poem by Rupert Brooke where he shows the poet’s great love for his mother land.

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