English Class 12 Chapter 6 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 6 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. The Soldier objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. The Soldier written by Rupert Brooke

The Soldier Objective Questions

  1. The Soldier was written and published during which major war?

(a.) world war

(b.) World war II

(c.) Hundred years war

(d.) n.o.t

Ans (a.) world war

  1. Who told Rupert Brooke the most handsome poet of his time?

(a.) Wordsworth

(b.) Milton

(c.) W.B Yeats

(d.) Keats

Ans (c.) W.B Yeats

  1. The Soldier is a

(a.) ballad

(b.) sonnet

(c.) limerick

(d.) elegy

Ans (b.) sonnet

  1. In hearts at peace under an English heaven’ is taken from

(a.) Ode to Autumn

(b.) Snake

(c.) Song of myself

(d.) The Soldier

Ans (d.) The Soldier

  1. Rupert Brooke belongs to …….. .

(a.) America

(b.) France

(c.) England

(d.) Germany

Ans (c.) England

  1. Rupert Brooke is a …….. by profession.

(a.) teacher

(b.) surgeon

(c.) jockey

(d.) soldier

Ans (d.) soldier

  1. The poet fought as a soldier in

(a.) independence

(b.) world war I

(c.) hundred years war

(d.) world war II

Ans (b.) world war I

  1. Most of Brooke’s poetry are about ……. war for England.

(a.) love

(b.) passion

(c.) patriotism

(d.) depression

Ans (c.) patriotism

  1. ‘The Soldier’ is a ……….. poem.

(a.) love

(b.) war

(c.) nature

(d.) melancholic

Ans (b.) war

  1. Sonnet are divided into two parts Octave and …. .

(a.) elegy

(b.) alliteration

(c.) sermon

(d.) sestet

Ans (d.) sestet

  1. A Sonnet is a poem of….. lines.

(a.) 16

(b.) 14

(c.) 18

(d.) 20

Ans (b.) 14

  1. Rupert Brooke is remembered as ………… poet.

(a.) metaphysical

(b.) people

(c.) spiritual

(d.) war

Ans (d.) war

  1. The poet considers himself as a richer…… of England.

(a.) gem

(b.) pearl

(c.) part

(d.) dust

Ans (d.) dust

  1. Rupert Brooke praises

(a.) England

(b.) Germany

(c.) Russia

(d.) America

Ans (a.) England

  1. The port in ‘The Soldier’ is depicting the miseries of …… .

(a.) war

(b.) nature

(c.) relation

(d.) love

Ans (a.) war

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