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Bihar Board Exam 2023 English Art's Question Paper Answer Key

यहाँ आपको बिहार बोर्ड परीक्षा 2023 के 12th English Art’s के Question Paper के साथ में Answer भी मिल जायेंगे, निचे Bihar Board Class 12 के English 100 Marks (Art’s) के सभी Questions  का  Answer Key Solution मिल जायेगा ।

English Class 12 Question Paper 2023 Bihar Board

Bihar Board English subject exam will be conducted on February 2, 2023. Here you can find Bihar board English class 12 question paper 2023 with solution. You must have to read Bihar board previous year question paper 2023 to get good marks in Bihar board examination. Bihar Board English Chapter wise Question Answer : Click to view  

Bihar Board Class 12th English Question Paper 2023

  1. Your sister had bought the grammar book. (Choose the correct passive voice)  

(A) Bought the grammar book has your sister.  

(B) The grammar book had been bought by your sister.  

(C) Your sister is bought the grammar book.   

(D) Your sister has bought the grammar book.  

Ans : (B) The grammar book had been bought by your sister.  

  1. He asked me, “When will the baby sleep ?”  (Choose the correct indirect narration)  

 (A) He questioned as to when will the baby sleep.  

 (B) When will the baby sleep is asked by him.  

 (C) He wants to know when the baby will sleep.  

 (D) He asked me when the baby would sleep.  

Ans :  (D) He asked me when the baby would sleep.  

  1. The antonym of ‘Demote’ is :  

(A) Familiar

(B) Separate  

(C) Hard

(D) Promote 

Ans : (D) Promote 

  1. Kanta will ………… you if you don’t reach in time. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) scold

(B) scolded  

(C) scolding

(D) have scolded 

Ans : (A) scold

  1. He gave ………… suggestions. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) wise

(B) grant  

(C) solid

(D) quick  

Ans : (A) wise

  1. I ………… finished it. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) didn’t

(B) hasn’t  

(C) haven’t

(D) couldn’t  

Ans : (C) haven’t

  1. Chose the correct sentence :  

(A) I did my work quick.

(B) I did my work very quick.  

(C) I did my work quickly.

(D) I did work my quick. 

Ans : (C) I did my work quickly.

  1. Prakash ………… at home for an hour but Jaya could not reach on  time. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) is waiting

(B) had been waiting  

(C) will be waiting

(D) have waited 

Ans : (B) had been waiting  

  1. There are beautiful coconut trees ………… the river. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) along

(B) into   

(C) at

(D) over

Ans :  (C) at

  1. Is that cup ………… ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) them

(B) his  

(C) they

(D) she 

Ans : (B) his  

  1. We’re looking forward ………… the museum. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) visit

(B) to visiting  

(C) visiting

(D) to visit 

Ans : (B) to visiting  

  1. He said that Raveena had a car. (Choose the correct direct narration)  

(A) He says, “Raveena had a car.”  

(B) He will say, “ Raveen has a car.”  

(C) He said, “Raveen has a car.”  

(D) He exclaimed, “Raveen has a car.”

Ans :  (C) He said, “Raveen has a car.”  

  1. Choose the correctly spelt word.  

(A) Grievance

(B) Griveance  

(C) Greivence

(D) Grevence 

Ans : (A) Grievance

  1. He wanted this arrangement in …………  

(A) red and white

(B) pink and green  

(C) red and yellow

(D) black and white 

Ans : (D) black and white 

  1. He always speaks ………… truth. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) a

(B) the  

(C) an

(D) no article  

Ans : (B) the  

  1. We must lock the doors, ………… ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) musn’t they

(B) couldn’t we  

(C) shouldn’t we

(D) musn’t we 

Ans : (D) musn’t we 

  1. Physical activity is beneficial ………… health. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) with

(B) to  

(C) at

(D) for

Ans :  (B) to  

  1. They forgot to take ………… printouts.   (Choose the correct option)  

(A) there

(B) they’re  

(C) their

(D) here 

Ans : (C) their

  1. Choose the correct sentence :  

(A) I prefer coffee to tea.  

(B) I prefer coffee for tea.  

(C) I prefer coffee than tea.  

(D) I prefer coffee by tea.  

Ans : (A) I prefer coffee to tea.  

  1. Choose the correct antonym of ‘Widely’.  

(A) Spaciously

(B) Narrowly  

(C) Limitedly

(D) Broadly 

Ans : (B) Narrowly  

  1. This is my book and that is ………… (Choose the correct option)  

(A) yours

(B) our  

(C) your

(D) their 

Ans : (A) yours

  1. ………… he learnt to use it yet ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) Have

(B) Is  

(C) Has

(D) Was 

Ans : (C) Has

  1. Choose the odd one out.  

(A) Eye

(B) Nose  

(C) Hand

(D) Ear  

Ans : (C) Hand

  1. When it is cold outside, you should ………… (Choose the correct option)  

(A) wear a scarf

(B) wear your jeans  

(C) take a towel

(D) drive carefully 

Ans : (A) wear a scarf

  1. It is a bit ………… (Choose the correct option)  

(A) farther

(B) other  

(C) either

(D) neither 

Ans : (A) farther

  1. There are a ………… eggs in the basket. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) little

(B) many  

(C) much

(D) few 

Ans : (D) few 

  1. ………… we go to the movie today ? (Choose the correct option)   

(A) Will

(B) Ought  

(C) Shall

(D) Would 

Ans : (C) Shall

  1. I’m going to wait ………… it stops raining. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) on

(B) till  

(C) before

(D) at 

Ans : (B) till  

  1. There ………… many students in my class. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) are

(B) was  

(C) is

(D) am 

Ans : (A) are

  1. They wanted to win. They worked hard. (Choose the correct combination)  

(A) They worked hard to win.  

(B) They work hard to win  

(C) They worked harder to win.  

(D) They worked hardest to win.  

Ans : (A) They worked hard to win.  

  1. A workman who fits and repairs pipes is called ………… (Choose the correct option)  

(A) Mechanic

(B) Plumber  

(C) Blacksmith

(D) Technocrat 

Ans : (B) Plumber  

  1. I don’t ………… my new science teacher.   (Choose the correct option) 

(A) get up

(B) get over  

(C) get in

(D) get on with

Ans :  (D) get on with

  1. Lose Heart. (Choose the correct meaning)  

(A) Become desperate

(B) Become angry  

(C) Feel sad

(D) Become discouraged 

Ans : (D) Become discouraged 

  1. Choose the correct spelling.  

(A) Illicit

(B) Eleceet  

(C) Eliceet

(D) Ilicit  

Ans : (A) Illicit

  1. We labour hard so that we ………… pass. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) may

(B) will  

(C) could

(D) are  

Ans : (A) may

  1. No sooner did the rogue see the police ………… he disappeared. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) then

(B) so  

(C) than

(D) because  

Ans : (C) than

  1. We walked home ………… the park. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) threw

(B) through  

(C) throw

(D) thrown  

Ans : (B) through  

  1. Choose the correct synonym of ‘Deliberately’  

(A) Spontaneously

(B) Intentionally   

(C) Inadvertently

(D) Naturally 

Ans : (B) Intentionally   

  1. Choose the correct antonym of ‘Comedy’.  

(A) Tragedy

(B) Thriller  

(C) Simple

(D) Social 

Ans : (A) Tragedy

  1. I have not ………… reading the book. (Choose the correct answer)  

(A) finish

(B) finished  

(C) finishing

(D) will finish

Ans :  (B) finished  

  1. The thief and the eye-witness ………… (Choose the correct option)  

(A) has escaped

(B) was escaping  

(C) has been escaping

(D) have escaped 

Ans : (D) have escaped 

  1. He died ………… malaria. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) of

(B) with  

(C) from

(D) by 

Ans : (A) of

  1. I don’t like ………… dogs, but I like my brother’s dog. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) a

(B) the  

(C) an

(D) no article

Ans :  (D) no article

  1. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. (Choose the correct meaning of the underlined phrase) 

(A) to be born with a good luck.  

(B) to be born in a jeweller’s family.  

(C) to be born as first child.  

(D) to be born in a rich family.

Ans :  (D) to be born in a rich family.

  1. One who knows two language is …………   (Choose the correct option)  

(A) Bigot

(B) Bilingual  

(C) Bigamy

(D) Brittle 

Ans : (B) Bilingual  

  1. Do you ………… work next weekend ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) must

(B) musn’t to  

(C) have to

(D) had to 

Ans : (C) have to

  1. If I make a mistake, the teacher ………… me. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) punished

(B) had punished  

(C) will punish

(D) will be punished 

Ans : (C) will punish

  1. I left the party early ………… I didn’t feel well. (Choose the correct option)

(A) because

(B) until  

(C) but

(D) so 

Ans : (A) because

  1. I worked hard. I sat down for a rest. (Choose the best combination)  

(A) I rested as I worked hard. 

(B) I rested because I worked hard.   

(C) I worked hard and so I rested.  

(D) Working hard, I sat down for a rest.

Ans :  (D) Working hard, I sat down for a rest.

  1. I am ………… to the talk show. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) listen

(B) listened  

(C) listening

(D) will listen 

Ans : (C) listening

  1. Choose the correct sentence :  

(A) They were already at the station when we arrived.  

(B) They were already on the station when we arrive.  

(C) They were on the station when we arrive.  

(D) They are already at the station when we are arriving. 

Ans : (A) They were already at the station when we arrived.  

  1. It ………… impossible (Choose the correct option)  

(A) am

(B) are  

(C) is

(D) were 

Ans : (C) is

  1. What type of sentence is this ?  Dinner is at 8 pm.  

(A) Declarative

(B) Exclamatory  

(C) Interrogative

(D) Imperative 

Ans : (A) Declarative

  1. The teacher ………… shouts at us. (Choose the correct option) 

(A) rarely

(B) acutely  

(C) wisely

(D) happily 

Ans : (A) rarely

  1. There are thirty students in each section of class 5.   (Choose the adjective in the Sentence)  

(A) Thirty

(B) Section  

(C) Students

(D) Five 

Ans : (A) Thirty

  1. Will a wise man behave so ? (Choose the correct Assertive Sentence)  

(A) Wise man will behave so.  

(B) No wise man will behave so.  

(C) Behave no wise man so.  

(D) Man wise will not behave so.  

Ans : (B) No wise man will behave so.  

  1. Students should ………… in the class on time. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) turn out

(B) turn on  

(C) turn up

(D) turn off 

Ans : (A) turn out

  1. How can I get to ………… Chanakya Hotel ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) a

(B) an  

(C) the

(D) no article 

Ans : (C) the

  1. Vivek repented ………… what he had done. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) of

(B) over  

(C) for

(D) to  

Ans : (C) for

  1. She ………… the mail last week. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) gets

(B) get  

(C) gotten

(D) got 

Ans : (D) got 

Instruction : Questions from 61 to 100 are based on the prescribed  texts.  

  1. Gandhi’s chief weapons were …………  

(A) sword and spears

(B) truth and non-violence  

(C) nuclear weapons

(D) trick and deceit 

Ans : (B) truth and non-violence  

  1. ………… was the role model of Dr. Zakir Hussain.  

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Dr. Radha Krishnan  

(C) Sardar Patel

(D) Dr. Rajendra Prasad 

Ans : (B) Dr. Radha Krishnan  

  1. The new role Nanukaka gave the narrator was of …………  

(A) cook

(B) professor  

(C) driver

(D) minister  

Ans : (C) driver

  1. ………… is sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression.  

(A) Mississippi

(B) New York  

(C) Chicago

(D) Texas  

Ans : (A) Mississippi

  1. Which of the following things were not relevant in pre-historic times ?  

(A) invention of language

(B) invention of printing technology  

(C) utilization of fire

(D) taming of animals 

Ans : (B) invention of printing technology  

  1. Seibei was a twelve year old ………… boy.  

(A) Chinese

(B) African  

(C) Japanese

(D) Indian  

Ans : (C) Japanese

  1. In traditional society a pregnant woman is primarily supported by  …………  

(A) husband

(B) relatives  

(C) kinsfolk

(D) neighbours 

Ans : (A) husband

  1. Freedom of press is restricted during …………  

(A) peace

(B) epidemic  

(C) war

(D) disease  

Ans : (C) war

  1. At first Benjy kept …………  

(A) ten or a dozen hens

(B) four dozen hens  

(C) two dozen hens

(D) six dozen hens 

Ans : (A) ten or a dozen hens

  1. What characterizes new India after independence ?  

(A) Confidence and idealism

(B) Anger  

(C) Slavery

(D) Hunger and disease 

Ans :

  1. Natalia’s dog is named …………  

(A) Weep

(B) Neap  

(C) Leap

(D) Deap  

Ans : (A) Weep

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. dislikes ………… discrimination.  

(A) religious

(B) caste  

(C) racial

(D) sex 

Ans : (C) racial

  1. Lomov is a man of ………… temperament.  

(A) happy

(B) negative  

(C) mad

(D) nervous 

Ans : (D) nervous 

  1. Our ancestors enjoyed ………… Rule.  

(A) Society

(B) Nation  

(C) Home

(D) Degenerated 

Ans : (C) Home

  1. At twelve, Seibei was at …………  

(A) Nursery

(B) Secondary School  

(C) Primary School

(D) Senior Secondary School 

Ans : (C) Primary School

  1. Whose tears are like rain ?  

(A) the poet’s wife’s

(B) the poet’s sister’s  

(C) the husband’s

(D) the poet’s brother’s

Ans :  (A) the poet’s wife’s

  1. ‘Hoping to cease not till death’ is a line from …………  

(A) Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe

(B) The Soldier  

(C) Song of Myself

(D) Fire-Hymn 

Ans : (C) Song of Myself

  1. The travellers are …………, moving towards death.  

(A) human

(B) urban  

(C) animal

(D) rural  

Ans : (A) human

  1. Who is known as ‘people’s poet’ ?  

(A) John Keats

(B) W. H. Auden  

(C) John Donne

(D) Walt Whitman 

Ans : (D) Walt Whitman 

  1. ‘Light of step and heart was she’ is taken from …………  

(A) Fire-Hymn

(B) An Epitaph  

(C) Snake

(D) The Soldier 

Ans : (B) An Epitaph  

  1. Brooke inspired patriotism in the ………… phase of the First World  War.  

(A) early

(B) middle  

(C) late

(D) old  

Ans : (A) early

  1. ………… is a master criminal.  

(A) Macavity

(B) Ramavity  

(C) Monkey

(D) Cavity  

Ans : (A) Macavity

  1. Keki N. Daruwala was a ………… by religion.  

(A) Parsi

(B) Hindu  

(C) Muslim

(D) Christian  

Ans : (A) Parsi

  1. In ‘Snake’, Lawrence denounces the artificialities of ………… life.  

(A) ancient

(B) modern  

(C) medieval

(D) early  

Ans : (B) modern  

  1. The poetess in ‘The Grand Mother’s House’ begs at ………… doors.  

(A) friend’s

(B) strangers’  

(C) family’s

(D) enemy’s  

Ans : (B) strangers’  

  1. Daruwalla’s poetry is …………  

(A) impressionistic

(B) idealistic  

(C) symbolistic

(D) mysterious 

Ans : (A) impressionistic

  1. The speaker in the poem ‘Snake’ threw ………… at the snake.  

(A) a stick

(B) a rod  

(C) a log

(D) a bat  

Ans : (C) a log

  1. Eliot belonged to the ………… century.  

(A) 18th

(B) 16th  

(C) 19th

(D) 20th  

Ans : (D) 20th  

  1. ………… is inevitable.  

(A) Life

(B) Walking  

(C) Death

(D) Talking 

Ans : (C) Death

  1. Who has been personified in ‘Ode to Autumn’ ?  

(A) Spring

(B) Winter  

(C) Autumn

(D) Summer 

Ans : (C) Autumn

  1. Who wrote ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Julius Caesar’ ?  

(A) Johnson

(B) Shakespeare  

(C) Goldsmith

(D) Sheridan 

Ans : (B) Shakespeare  

  1. English is used in China as a ………… language.  

(A) second

(B) foreign  

(C) first

(D) third  

Ans : (B) foreign  

  1. The Middle English had ………… dialects.  

(A) two

(B) five  

(C) six

(D) three  

Ans : (B) five  

  1. Who wrote ‘Huckleberry Finn’ ?  

(A) Herman Melville

(B) Earnest Hemingway  

(C) Henry James

(D) Mark Twain 

Ans : (D) Mark Twain 

  1. The Old Englsih Period is characterized by …………  

(A) vocabulary

(B) inflections  

(C) mood

(D) gender 

Ans : (B) inflections  

  1. Who wrote ‘A Passage to India’ ?  

(A) E. M. Forster

(B) T. S. Eliot  

(C) W. B. Yeats

(D) D. H. Lawrence 

Ans : (A) E. M. Forster

  1. Spelling ‘Color’ is used in …………  

(A) Indian English

(B) British English  

(C) Nigerian English

(D) American English 

Ans : (D) American English 

  1. The texts of which period are difficult to read and understand ?  

(A) Middle English

(B) Modern English  

(C) Old English

(D) American English 

Ans : (C) Old English

  1. Wole Soyinka is a ………… poet.  

(A) Nigerian

(B) Indian  

(C) American

(D) British  

Ans : (A) Nigerian

  1. The ………… helped in simplifying English.  

(A) Bible

(B) Mahabharata  

(C) Quran

(D) Ramayana 

Ans : (A) Bible

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