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English Class 12 Chapter 6 Objective Bihar Board : A Child Born Objective Question Answer 2024 : Here You Can Find Class 12th English objective question for bihar board exam. A Child Born objective question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. A Child Born objective question : Bihar board 12th English chapter 6 pdf download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified Our Expert Teacher 

A Child is Born Objective Questions

1. Which type of prose-piece is ‘A Child is born’?

(A) story

(B) speech

(C) essay

(D) journey-record

Ans (C) essay

2. Germaine Greere belongs to

(A) China

(B) England

(C) America

(D) Australia

Ans (D) Australia

3. Which of the following is the work of Germaine Greer?

(A) Marriage and Moral  

(B) Arms and the man

(C) The Female Eunuch

(D) A Bend in the Ganges

Ans (C) The Female Eunuch

4. In societies ,except for remarkable accidents, birth are always attended…….

(A) technocrate

(B) non-technocrate

(C) pastoral

(D) posh

Ans (B) non-technocrate

5. Infant and mother’s ………….. Rate is greater in traditional birth.

(A) fertility

(B) morality

(C) mortality

(D) captivity

Ans (C) mortality

6. The doctor who is specialized in pregnancy and child birth is called. ……..

(A) dermatologist

(B) obstetrician

(C) cardiologist

(D) neurologist

Ans (B) obstetrician

7. The doctor who is specialized in women’s disease and reproductive issues.

(A) nephrologist

(B) gynaecologist

(C) urologist

(D) oculist

Ans (B) gynaecologist

8. In some societies women are not accepted the member of the family until they ……… child.

(A) rear

(B) co-operate

(C) teach

(D) give birth

Ans (D) give birth

9. In….. Societies, childbirth is a family affair.

(A) technocrate

(B) industrial

(C) traditional

(D) nomad

Ans (C) traditional

10. In many traditional societies, the relation between mother and child is more important than that between ……..

(A) family and child

(B) husband and wife

(C) parents

(D) siblings

Ans (B) husband and wife

11. Sylhet is a division In ………..

(A) India

(B) Pakistan

(C) Bangladesh

(D) South Africa

Ans (C) Bangladesh

12. In traditional societies, when the child is 7 days old, ………. ceremony is kept.

(A) bathing

(B) teaching

(C) naming

(D) playing

Ans (C) naming

13. What is Rupthoka in Bangladesh?

(A) sweet

(B) fairy tale

(C) dance

(D) music

Ans (D) music

14. In ………. Societies, the whole matter of pregnancy is a celebration.

(A) technocrate

(B) industrial

(C) traditional

(D) nomad

Ans (C) traditional

15. Visiting mothers house is one of the ………. of pregnancy.

(A) omen

(B) bad luck

(C) award

(D) reward

Ans (D) reward

16. Sylheti woman go to stay her.

(A) brother

(B) mother

(C) uncle

(D) sister

Ans (B) mother

17. In traditional societies, the whole mother of pregnancy is a ……

(A) Joy

(B) love

(C) festival

(D) celebration

Ans (D) celebration

18. A……woman has to observe various taboos, rituals and customs:

(A) pregnant

(B) stubborn

(C) illiterate

(D) literate

Ans (A) pregnant

19. A Child is Born is written by……

(A) Germaine Greer

(B) Martin Luther King Jr.

(C) J. L. Nehru

(D) Shiga Naoya

Ans (A) Germaine Greer

20. In Bangladesh…… is a kind of fairy tales:

(A) Rupthoka

(B) Machthoka

(C) Doithoka

(D) Jupthoka

Ans (A) Rupthoka

21. ……visited an enormous modern hospital for Bantu patients in South Africa:

(A) Sheila Kitzinger

(B) Nandini Sen

(C) Dr. Mao

(D) Ragini Kri

Ans (A) Sheila Kitzinger

22. In……children under the age of five or six are looked after by the whole family:

(A) France

(B) Britain

(C) Bangladesh

(D) U.S.A

Ans (A) France

23. Garlands of. ……were given to a new baby:

(A) apples and banana.

(B) turmeric and garlic

(C) flowers and sugar

(D) gram and rice

Ans (B) turmeric and garlic

24. Sylheli woman and her child are given new dress on the ……day of the birth:

(A) 4th

(B) 7th

(C) 5th

(D) 9th

Ans (B) 7th

25. Germaine Greer is an……writer:

(A) Australian

(B) French

(C) German

(D) Dutch

Ans (A) Australian

26. Generally a pregnant woman is sent to her…… home for childbirth :

(A) parents

(B) remote place

(C) village

(C) relative

Ans (A) parents

27. In the……the husband wife due enjoy more freedom and individuality:

(A) East

(B) North

(C) South

(D) West

Ans (D) West

28. On the occassion, musical programme is given by……

(A) the dance party

(B) male numbers of family

(C) women and girls

(D) none

Ans (C) women and girls

29. The ceremony is held……

(A) for boy

(B) for girl

(C) both

(D) none

Ans (C) both

30. In Bangladesh, children are looked after by………

(A) father only

(B) mother only

(C) whole family

(D) none

Ans (C) whole family

31. During pregnancy, the best place for woman is……..

(A) Hospital

(B) in-laws-family

(C) her mother’s house

(D) none

Ans (C) her mother’s house

32. The naming ceremony is……..

(A) bad

(B) lovely

(C) strange

(D) none

Ans (B) lovely

33. The naming ceremony is held when baby is ……. days old.

(A) seven

(B) five

(C) three

(D) none

Ans (A) seven

34. In traditional births, infant and mother mortality is ..…….

(A) lesser

(B) greater

(C) negligible

(D) none

Ans (B) greater

35. Traditional method of child-birth is accepted………..

(A) fearfully

(B) dangerously

(C) culturally

(D) none

Ans (C) culturally

36. Germaine Greer is an……… writer.

(A) Indian

(B) American

(C) British

(D) Australian

Ans (D) Australian

37. In Bangladesh, Rupthoka is a kind of………

(A) bread

(B) sweet dish

(C) fairy tales

(D) none

Ans (C) fairy tales

38. ……women had given up going to international conterences:

(A) Sudanese

(B) Indian

(C) Australian

(D) Pakistani

Ans (A) Sudanese

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