English Class 12 Chapter 7 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 7 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. A Child is Born objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. A Child is Born written by Germaine Greer.

A Child is Born Objective Questions

  1. Which type of prose-piece is ‘A Child is born’?

(a.) story

(b.) speech

(c.) essay

(d.) journey-record

Ans (c.) essay

  1. Germaine Greere belongs to

(a.) China

(b.) England

(c.) America

(d.) Australia

Ans (d.)Australia

  1. Which of the following is the work of Germaine Greer?

(a.) Marriage and Moral  

(b.) Arms and the man

(c.) The Female Eunuch

(d.) A Bend in the Ganges

Ans (c.) The Female Eunuch

  1. In societies ,except for remarkable accidents,birth are always attended…….

(a.) technocrate

(b.) non-technocrate

(c.) pastoral

(d.) posh

Ans (b.) non-technocrate

  1. Infant and mother’s ………….. Rate is greater in traditional birth.

(a.) fertility

(b.) morality

(c.) mortality

(d.) captivity

Ans (c.) mortality

  1. The doctor who is specialized in pregnancy and childbirth is called. ……..

(a.) dermatologist

(b.) obstetrician

(c.) cardiologist

(d.) neurologist

Ans (b.) obstetrician

  1. The doctor who is specialized in women’s disease and reproductive issues.

(a.) nephrologist

(b.) gynecologist

(c.) urologist

(d.) oculist

Ans (b.)gynecologist

  1. In some societies women are not accepted the member of the family until they ……… child.

(a.) rear

(b.) co-operate

(c.) teach

(d.) give birth

Ans (d.) give birth

  1. In….. Societies, childbirth is a family affair.

(a.) technocrate

(b.) industrial

(c.) traditional

(d.) nomad

Ans (c.) traditional

  1. In many traditional societies,the relation between mother and child is more important than that between ……..

(a.) family and child

(b.) husband and wife

(c.) parents

(d.) siblings

Ans (b.) husband and wife

  1. Sylhet is a division In ………..

(a.) India

(b.) Pakistan

(c.) Bangladesh

(d.) South Africa

Ans (c.) Bangladesh

  1. In traditional societies,when the child is 7 days old, ………. ceremony is kept.

(a.) bathing

(b.) teaching

(c.) naming

(d.) playing

Ans (c.) naming

  1. What is Rupthoka in Bangladesh?

(a.) sweet

(b.) fairy tale

(c.) dance

(d.) music

Ans (d.) music

  1. In ………. Societies, the whole matter of pregnancy is a celebration.

(a.) technocrate

(b.) industrial

(c.) traditional

(d.) nomad

Ans (c.) traditional

  1. Visiting mothers house is one of the ………. of pregnancy.

(a.) omen

(b.) bad luck

(c.) award

(d.) reward

Ans (d.) reward

  1. Sylheti woman go to stay her.

(a.) brother

(b.) mother

(c.) uncle

(d.) sister

Ans (b.) mother

  1. In traditional societies, the whole mother of pregnancy is a ……

(a.) Joy

(b.) love

(c.) festival

(d.) celebration

Ans (d.) celebration

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