Electromagnetic Induction

Class 12 Physics Chapter 6 Objective in English : Here you can find class 12th physics Objective questions for board exam 2024. Electromagnetic Induction objective questions is very important for board exam 2023 – 2024. mcq questions for class 12 physics chapter 6 in English. important question website

12th Physics Chapter 6 Objective Questions in English

  1. The dimension of (L/R) , where L is inductance and R is resistance will be : (BSEB , 2006)

(a) [M0L0T-1]

(b) [M0LT]

(c) [ML0T]

(d) [MLT-2]

  1. According to Lenz’s law of electromagnetic induction , which of the following is correct ? (BSEB , 2016)

(a) Conservation of charge

(b) Conservation of magnetic flux

(c) Conservation  of energy

(d) Conservation  of momentum

  1. Lenz’s law is a consequence of the law of conservation of ? (BSEB , 2015)

(a) Charge

(b) Energy

(c) Mass

(d) Momentum

  1. Magnetic flux passing through a loop of a wire kept in a magnetic flux does not depend upon :

(a) Shape of the loop

(b) Area of the loop

(c) Intensity of the field

(d) Orientation of the loop w.r.t. field

  1. The direction of induced current is known from :

(a) Fleming’s left hand rule

(b) Biot –Savart Law

(c) Lenz’s law

(d) Ampere’s law

  1. Unit of Magnetic field is :

(a) Wb m2

(b) Wb/m2

(c) Wb

(d) Wb/m

  1. The unit of self-inductance is :

(a) ohm-second

(b) ohm/second

(c) second/ohm

(d) 1/ohm second

  1. Unit of self-inductance is : (BSEB , 2015 ,2016)

(a) Weber

(b) Ohm

(c) Henry

(d) Gauss

  1. Henry is the unit of : (JAC, 2014)

(a) Self inductance

(b) Mutual inductance

(c) Both self and mutual inductance

(d) None of these

  1. On which factor the coefficient of mutual inductance of two coils does not depend ?

(a) Their coefficients of self inductance

(b) Their distance

(c) the medium filled between them

(d) Their resistance

  1. The magnetic flux linked with a coil is decreased from 1 weber to 0.1 weber in 1 second . The induced emf in the coil is : (UP Board ,2015)

(a) 9 volt

(b) 0.09 volt

(c) 0.9 volt

(d) 90 volt

  1. For a coil having self inductance 2 mH ; current flows at a rate of amp/sec in it . The emf induced in its is :

(a) 1 volt

(b) 2 volt

(c) 3 volt

(d) 4 volt

  1. A coil of resistance 10 ohm and inductance of 10 henry is connected to a battery of 50 V . The energy stored in the coil is :

(a) 125 J

(b) 62.5 J

(c) 250 J

(d) 500 J

  1. The coefficient of mutual induction between two coils is 0.5 H . If the current in the primary coil is raised from 2 A to 3 A in 0.01 s, then emf induced in the secondary coil is :

(a) 25 V

(b) 50 V

(c) 75 V

(d) 100 V

  1. The sell inductance L of a solenoid of length l and area of cross – section A with a fixed number of turns N increases as : (NCERT)

(A) l and A increases

(b) l decreases and A increases

(c) l increases and A decreases

(d) Both l and A decreases

  1. The mutual inductance of coil 1 with respect to coil 2 : (NCERT)

(A) increases when they are brought increases

(b) Depends on the current passing through the coils

(c) increases when one of them is rotated about an axis

(d) Is the same as M12 of coil 2 with respect to coil 1

  1. SI unit of self-inductance is : (NCERT)

(A) coulomb (c)

(b) Volt (V)

(c) Ohm (Ω)

(d) Henry (H)


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