English Class 12 Chapter 5 Bihar Board

English Class 12 Chapter 5 Objective Bihar Board: An Epitaph Objective Question Answer 2024: Here You Can Find class 12th English Objective Question For Bihar Board Exam. An Epitaph Objective Question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. An Epitaph Objective Question: Bihar Board 12th English chapter 5 pdf download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified Our Expert Teacher

An Epitaph Objective Questions

1. ‘An Epitaph’ is written by………….

(A) John Keats

(B) Rupert Brooke

(C) John Donne

(D) Walter De La Mare

Ans (D) Walter De La Mare

2. Walter De La Mare was born in ………….

(A) 1872

(B) 1873

(C) 1874  

(D) 1875

Ans (B) 1873

3. Walter De La Mare died in ……………

(A) 1953

(B) 1955

(C) 1956

(D) 1957

Ans (C) 1956

4. Walter De La Mare belongs to ……….

(A) America

(B) England

(C) Japan

(D) France

Ans (D) France

5. Walter De La Mare makes us aware of the………..

(A) poverty

(B) inhuman conditions of modern life

(C) dreams

(D) London life

Ans (C) dreams

6. Walter De La Mare was awarded…………. in 1953.

(A) noble prize

(B) order of merit

(C) Pulitzer prize

(D) commonwealth award

Ans (D) commonwealth award

7. In the poem, the beautiful lady belongs to a/an …………. country.

(A) east

(B) west

(C) north

(D) south

Ans (B) west

8. Which one of the following is the famous work of Walter De La Mare?

(A) the princess

(B) Lamia

(C) peacock pie

(D) othello

Ans (C) peacock pie

9. ‘Light of step and heart was she’- is the line from.

(A) Song of myself

(B) Fire-hymn

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) An Epitaph

Ans (B) Fire-hymn

10. The line, 1 think she was the most beautiful lady’ is from.

(A) Snake

(B) Fire-hymn

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) An Epitaph

Ans (D) An Epitaph

11. Walter De La Mare was awarded ‘order of merit’ in…………

(A) 1950

(B) 1951

(C) 1952

(D) 1953

Ans (D) 1953

12. Who was 1light of step and heart’?

(A) a beautiful lady

(B) an ugly lady

(C) an old lady

(D) a mad lady

Ans (A) a beautiful lady

13. The poet thinks that……. is not everlasting

(A) violence.

(B) beauty

(C) hostility

(D) ugliness

Ans (B) beauty

14. Walter De La Mare knew a……. who is now dead:

(A) lady

(B) maiden

(C) man

(D) king

Ans (A) lady

15. The poem, “An Epitaph” is composed by…….

(A) Kamala Das

(B) Walter de la Mare

(C) T.S. Eliot

(D) W.H. Auden

Ans (B) Walter de la Mare

16. In which poem does the poet express his sad feeling for a beautiful lady?

(A) To Autumn

(B) The Soldier

(C) An Epitaph

(D) Fire-Hymn

Ans (C) An Epitaph

17. And When I crumble, who will remember. Who is ‘I’ in the line?

(A) Poet

(B) Lady

(C) Child

(D) Mother

Ans (A) Poet

18. An Epitaph deals with a beautiful………

(A) girl

(B) lady

(C) bofy

(D) none

Ans (B) lady

19. The lady mentioned in the poem An Epitaph, belonged to……

(A) North Country

(B) East Country

(C) West Country

(D) South Country

Ans (C) West Country

20. The poetic device, which is used in the poem, An Epitaph’ is….

(A) Metaphor

(B) Simile

(C) Personification

(D) Ambiguity

Ans (D) Ambiguity

21. The term ‘Crumble’ used in the poem. An Epitaph means to……

(A) die

(B) live

(C) suffer

(D) none

Ans (A) die

22. The tone of the poem, An Epitaph’ means to….

(A) happy

(B) meloncholy

(C) romantic

(D) none

Ans (B) meloncholy

23. Who was composed the poem, An Epitaph?

(A) Walter De La Mare

(B) Rupert Brooke

(C) DH Lawrence

(D) WH Auden

Ans (A) Walter De La Mare

24. Walter De La Mare was…….

(A) poet

(B) novelist

(C) short story writer

(D) all of these

Ans (D) all of these

25. The poet feels that after his death, nobody will………. her

(A) love

(B) forget

(C) remember

(D) hate

Ans (C) remember

26. The poet in an epitaph’ thinks that…….. is not everlasting.

(A) beauty

(B) cruelty

(C) ugliness

(D) love

Ans (A) beauty

27. The lady, who has died, lies in the……

(A) grave

(B) garden

(C) field

(D) house

Ans (B) garden

28. Walter De La Mare has written the poem…….

(A) The Soldier

(B) Fire-Hymn

(C) Snake

(D) An Epitaph

Ans (D) An Epitaph

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