English Class 12 Chapter 2 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 2 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. bharat is my home objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. Bharat is My Home written by Dr. Zakir Husain.

Bharat is My Home Objective Questions

  1. Which type of prose piece is ‘Bharat is my home’?

(a.) essay

(b.) story

(c.) speech

(d.) journey

Ans (c.) speech

  1. When did Dr. Zakir Hussain deliver the speech ‘Bharat is my home’?

(a.) 1965

(b.) 1967

(c.) 1969

(d.) 1971

Ans (b.) 1967

  1. According to Dr. Zakir Hussain, …………. is a prime instrument of national character.

(a.) business

(b.) service

(c.) politics

(d.) education record

Ans (d.) education record

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in …. and died in……………

(a.) 1895,1966

(b.) 1896,1967

(c.) 1897,1968

(d.) 1897,1969

Ans (d.)1897,1969

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain was born in

(a.) Banglore

(b.) Hyderabad

(c.) Delhi

(d.) Aligadh

Ans (b.) Hyderabad

  1. Dr. Radhkrishnan never lost his faith in ….

(a.) essential experience

(b.) essential equality

(c.) essential knowledge

(d.) essential humanity

Ans (d.) essential humanity

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain was the.. and Dr. Radhakrishnan was the… president of India.

(a.) 1st, 2nd

(b.) 2nd, 1st

(c.) 3rd, 2nd

(d.) 2nd, 3rd

Ans (c.) 3rd, 2nd

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain sees two aspect of work-Social and . ..

(a.) environmental

(b.) educational

(c.) moral

(d.) individual

Ans (d.) individual

  1. Dr. Radhakrishnan always championed the right of all men to live in . .

(a.) majority

(b.) dignity

(c.) proximity

(d.) metro city

Ans (b.) dignity

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain had also served as the …………….. of Bihar.

(a.) chief minister

(b.) home minister

(c.) Governor

(d.) deputy CM

Ans (c.) Governor

  1. How long did Dr. Zakir Hussain live?

(a.) 70

(b.) 71

(c.) 72

(d.) 73

Ans (c.) 72

  1. What was the tenure of Dr. Zakir Hussain as the president of India ?

(a.) 1967-1969

(b.) 1966-1969

(c.) 1965-1969

(d.) 1964-1969

Ans (a.) 1967-1969

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain pledges himself to the service of the totality of India’s …….?

(a.) constitution

(b.) culture

(c.) civilization

(d.) independence

Ans (b.) culture

  1. As a president, Dr. Zakir Hussain was preceded by

(a.) Dr. Rajendra Prasad

(b.) Dr. Radhakrishnan

(c.) Mahatma Gandhi

(d.) V.V Giri

Ans (b.) Dr. Radhakrishnan

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain sees …………. aspects of work.

(a.) one

(b.) two

(c.) three

(d.) four

Ans (b.) two

  1. On which occasion did Dr. Zakir Hussain delivered the speech?.

(a.) taking oath as the governor of Bihar

(b.) taking oath as the V.C of JMI

(c.) On republic day 1968

(d.) taking oath as the president of India

Ans (d.) taking oath as the president of India

  1. Dr. Rahakrishnan brought to the presidency a …… equipment.

(a.) healthy

(b.) social

(c.) mental

(d.) psychological

Ans (c.) mental

  1. Dr. Zakir Hussain entered the office in a spirit of …….. Humility.

(a.) special

(b.) prayerful

(c.) long

(d.) new

Ans (b.) prayerful

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