English Class 12 Chapter 8 Bihar Board

English Class 12 Chapter 8 Objective Bihar Board : How Free is the Press Objective Question Answer 2024 : Here You Can Find Class 12th English objective question for bihar board exam. How Free is the Press objective question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. How Free is the press objective question : Bihar board 12th English chapter 8 pdf download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified Our Expert Teacher

How Free is the Press Objective Questions

1. Dorothy L Sayers was the first lady graduate from ……….

(A) Harvard

(B) Stanford

(C) Oxford

(D) Cambridge

Ans (C) Oxford

2. Which of the following is the creation of Dorothy L Sayers?

(A) Lamia

(B) A suitable boy

(C) Unnatural death

(D) Pride and prejudice

Ans (C) Unnatural death

3. The central doctrine of democracy is that the state is the …………. Of the people.

(A) owner

(B) pillar

(C) master

(D) servant

Ans (D) servant

4. Dorothy L Sayers says that press is not free .

(A) everywhere

(B) nowhere

(C) somewhere

(D) at most places

Ans (A) everywhere

5. The policy of suppression of speech, communication, or other information by the government authorities.

(A) dictatorship

(B) exploitation

(C) tyranny

(D) censorship

Ans (D) censorship

6. How many chief factors are there which controls the editorial policy?

(A) two

(B) three

(C) four

(D) five

Ans (A) two

7. The chief factors that controls the editorial policy are advertisers and ……..

(A) editors

(B) Owners

(C) writers

(D) columnists

Ans (B) Owners

8. …….. is the special accomplishment of the press interview

(A) cheating

(B) misleading

(C) garbling

(D) flattering

Ans (C) garbling

9. The state of being without money.

(A) poverty

(B) beggary

(C) Bankruptcy

(D) hardship

Ans (C) Bankruptcy

10. Who was the founder of Daily Mail , London?

(A) Dorothy L Sayers

(B) Lord Northcliffe

(C) Robert Walpole

(D) Johannes Gutenberg

Ans (B) Lord Northcliffe

11. A form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)

(A) monarchy

(B) plutocracy

(C) Caesarism

(D) communism

Ans (C) Caesarism

12. lf there is anything that the writer detest is

(A) cat

(B) gardening

(C) singing

(D) dog

Ans (B) gardening

13. How many terms of misrepresentation are there counted by the writer?

(A) one

(B) three

(C) five

(D) six

Ans (D) six

14. ………….,false emphasis and suppression of context are some of the ways of spreading unreality in the newspapers.

(A) garbling

(B) exaggeration

(C) sensational headlines

(D) censorship

Ans (C) sensational headlines

15. Intentional spreading of stories of outstanding achievement is called

(A) fraud

(B) misleading

(C) miracle-mongering

(D) exaggeration

Ans (C) miracle-mongering

16. Most of the British newspapers in Central London have their offices in .

(A) Birmingham

(B) Flat street

(C) Bristol

(D) Manchester

Ans (B) Flat street

17. How Free is the Press is written by ……

(A) Dr. Zakir Hussain.

(B) Bertrand Russell

(C) Dorothy L Sayers

(D) H.E. Bates

Ans (C) Dorothy L Sayers

18. The………. can make or break reputation

(A) man

(B) saint

(C) teacher

(D) press

Ans (D) press

19. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled By…………. cheif factors:

(A) two

(B) four

(C) five

(D) six

Ans (A) two

20. Censorship is imposed during

(A) election

(B) emergency

(C) flood

(D) earthquake

Ans (B) emergency

21. …………… are careful not to antagonize the press:

(A) Politicians

(B) Technician

(C) Sweepers

(D) Plumber

Ans (A) Politicians

22. The………….is not the master but the servant of the people:

(A) State

(B) Political party

(C) Muncipality

(D) Village

Ans (A) State

23. The………… Press is, under ordinary conditions, singularly free:

(A) Russian

(B) French

(C) Japanese

(D) British

Ans (D) British

24. The first chief source of a newspaper’s revenue is:

(A) advertisement

(B) loan by the bank

(C) donation

(D) Debt

Ans (A) advertisement

25. The second chief source of a newspaper’s revenue is…………

(A) grant by the govt.

(B) loan from the bank

(C) private loan

(D) the wealth of owner

Ans (D) the wealth of owner

26. Miss Sayers said she would write no more plays, except on……….

(A) commission

(B) fiction

(C) horror

(D) sports

Ans (A) commission

27. All technological changes cause………. problems.

(A) Social

(B) behavioural

(C) industrial

(D) personal

Ans (A) Social

28. When we Speak of the freedom of the press, we usually mean freedom in a………. sense.

(A) broad

(B) legal

(C) technical

(D) social

Ans (D) social

29. “How Free is the Press” is……….

(A) short story

(B) speech

(C) essay

(D) drama

Ans (C) essay

30. The people are the…………

(A) Servants

(B) Masters

(C) Leaders

(D) Teachers

Ans (B) Masters

31. The state is the…………

(A) Servant

(B) Master

(C) Leader

(D) Teacher

Ans (A) Servant

32. Dorothy L. Sayers is………….

(A) Novelist

(B) Singer

(C) Essayist

(D) Actor

Ans (C) Essayist

33. Dorothy L. Sayers says that press is free…………

(A) everywhere

(B) nowhere

(C) somewhere

(D) at most places

Ans (C) somewhere

34. The press can make or break………….

(A) colony

(B) people

(C) reputation

(D) Garbling

Ans (C) reputation

35. A free and fair press is the true watch dog of……………

(A) colony

(B) persons

(C) court

(D) Democracy

Ans (D) Democracy

36. Every newspaper is shakled to its own set of…….

(A) overlords

(B) landlords

(C) overloads

(D) Nightmare

Ans (A) overlords

37. This is the special accomplishment of the press interviewer.

(A) Marbling

(B) Garbling

(C) Titilating

(D) Allusion

Ans (B) Garbling

38. What do free people take for granted?

(A) Free home

(B) free schools

(C) Free press

(D) Free pass

Ans (C) Free press

39. Without a free press, there can be no……….

(A) Society

(B) Free people

(C) Humanity

(D) Peace

Ans (B) Free people

40. Advertisers contribute to the……… of the newspaper

(A) material

(B) news

(C) revenue

(D) gossip

Ans (C) revenue

41. Every………. lives in a perpetual precarious balance:

(A) man

(B) book

(C) newspaper

(D) story

Ans (C) newspaper

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