English Class 12 Chapter 1 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 1 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. Sweetest Love I do not Goe objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. Sweetest Love I do not Goe written by John Donne.

Sweetest Love I do not Goe Objective Questions

  1. Who is called the pioneer of metaphysical poetry?

(a.) Samuel Johnson

(b.) Andrew Marwell

(c.) John Donne

(d.) John Dryden

Ans (c.) John Donne

  1. Who has written the poem ‘Sweetest love I do not goe?

(a.) John Donne

(b.) W.H Auden

(c.) D H Lawrence

(d.) Walt Whitman

Ans (a.) John Donne

  1. The Line ‘Nor in the hope the world can show a fitter love for me’ – is from . .

(a.) Song of myself

(b.) Fire-hymn

(c.) Sweetest love I do not goe

(d.) Walter De La Mare

Ans (c.) Sweetest love I do not goe

  1. That thou love’st mee as thou say’st is from …………

(a.) Sweetest love I do not goe

(b.) Fire-hymn

(c.) The Soldier

(d.) Walter De La Mare

Ans (a.) Sweetest love I do not goe

  1. John Donne is a ……….. poet.

(a.) nature

(b.) metaphysical

(c.) romantic

(d.) pessimistic

Ans (b.) metaphysical

  1. Which type of lover never part away?

(a.) romantic lovers

(b.) noble lovers

(c.) true lovers

(d.) cute lovers

Ans (c.) true lovers

  1. What are the things that the sun does not have?

(a.) ability and wish

(b.)sense and love

(c.) sense and desire

(d.) credit and wit

Ans (c.) sense and desire

  1. What does hyperbole mainly deal with?

(a.) under statement

(b.) exaggeration

(c.) innovation

(d.) sarcasm

Ans (b.) exaggeration

  1. Who can’t add another hour when good fortune fall?

(a.) beloved

(b.) lover

(c.) poet

(d.) man

Ans (d.) man

  1. The sun has no ‘halfe’ but the has.

(a.) poet

(b.) man

(c.) bride

(d.) sky

Ans (a.) poet

  1. The speaker’s blood decay when the beloved. ………..

(a.) sob

(b.) weep

(c.) sigh

(d.) lament

Ans (b.) weep

  1. The speaker’s soul go away when the beloved ………..

(a.) sigh

(b.) repent

(c.) cheat

(d.) weep

Ans (a.) sigh

  1. John Done was born in-……..

(a.) 1562

(b.) 1672

(c.) 1572

(d.) 1570

Ans (c.) 1572

  1. Who is the beloved in the poem?

(a.) Anne More

(b.) Anna Wood

(c.) Anne Frank 

(d.) Anne Marie

Ans (a.) Anne More

  1. John Donne is well known for ………..

(a.) songs and sonnets

(b.) free verse

(c.) narrative

(d.) epic

Ans (a.) songs and sonnets

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