English Class 12 Chapter 9 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 9 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. Snake objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. Snake written by D H Lawrence.

Snake Objective Questions

  1. Who has written the poem ‘Snake’?

(a.) John Donne

(b.) Kamala Das

(c.) D H Lawrence

(d.) Walt Whitman

Ans (c.) D H Lawrence

  1. D H Lawrence belongs to ……..

(a.) America

(b.) England

(c.) France

(d.) Germany

Ans (b.) England

  1. Was it cowardice,that I dared not kill him ? is from ………. .

(a.) Song of myself

(b.) Snake

(c.) The soldier

(d.) Fire-hymn

Ans (b.) Snake

  1. Who Came to the water-trough of the poet?

(a.) a beggar

(b.) a boy

(c.) a snake

(d.) a bird

Ans (c.) a snake

  1. Who was the second comer at the water-trough?

(a.) snake

(b.) a boy

(c.) the speaker /the poet

(d.) a mongoose

Ans (c.) the speaker /the poet

  1. What was the colour of the snake?

(a.) yellow black

(b.) black

(c.) gold

(d.) yellow brown

Ans (d.) yellow brown

  1. Where from had the snake come?

(a.) a pond

(b.) a house

(c.) a fissure

(d.) a field

Ans (c.) a fissure

  1. While drinking water the snake lifted his head like a ……. .

(a.) bird

(b.) man

(c.) cattle

(d.) squirrel

Ans (c.) cattle

  1. The snake looked at the poet ………… .

(a.) Happily

(b.) Confusingly

(c.) Sadly

(d.) Vaguely

Ans (d.) Vaguely

  1. What is Etna?

(a.) a volcano

(b.) a desert

(c.) a lake

(d.) a sea

Ans (a.) a volcano

  1. Which month has been mentioned in the poem?

(a.) May

(b.) June

(c.) July

(d.) August

Ans (c.) July

  1. In Sicily black snakes are supposed to be innocent whereas the ………. to be venomous.

(a.) red

(b.) green

(c.) white

(d.) golden

Ans (d.) golden

  1. What did the poet first thought to see that yellow brown snake.

(a.) to hit

(b.) to catch

(c.) to kill

(d.) to save

Ans (c.) to kill

  1. Which tree has been mentioned in the poem?

(a.) coconut

(b.) sandal

(c.) carobtree

(d.) banyan

Ans (c.) carobtree

  1. What did the poet throw on the snake?

(a.) a stone

(b.) a clumsy log

(c.) his shoe

(d.) a stick

Ans (b.) a clumsy log

  1. The poet compares the snake to ………. .

(a.) Falcon

(b.) Emu

(c.) Ostrich

(d.) Albatross

Ans (d.) Albatross

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