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English Class 12 Chapter 9 Objective Bihar Board: Snake Objective Question Answer 2024: Here You Can Find class 12th English Objective Question For Bihar Board Exam. Snake Objective Question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. Snake Objective Question: Bihar Board 12th English chapter 9 pdf download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified Our Expert Teacher

Snake Objective Questions

1. Who has written the poem ‘Snake’?

(A) John Donne

(B) Kamala Das

(C) D H Lawrence

(D) Walt Whitman

Ans (C) D H Lawrence

2. D H Lawrence belongs to ……..

(A) America

(B) England

(C) France

(D) Germany

Ans (B) England

3. Was it cowardice, that I dared not kill him ? is from ………. .

(A) Song of myself

(B) Snake

(C) The soldier

(D) Fire-hymn

Ans (B) Snake

4. Who Came to the water-trough of the poet?

(A) a beggar

(B) a boy

(C) a snake

(D) a bird

Ans (C) a snake

5. Who was the second comer at the water-trough?

(A) snake

(B) a boy

(C) the speaker /the poet

(D) a mongoose

Ans (C) the speaker /the poet

6. What was the colour of the snake?

(A) yellow black

(B) black

(C) gold

(D) yellow brown

Ans (D) yellow brown

7. Where from had the snake come?

(A) a pond

(B) a house

(C) a fissure

(D) a field

Ans (C) a fissure

8. While drinking water the snake lifted his head like a ……. .

(A) bird

(B) man

(C) cattle

(D) squirrel

Ans (C) cattle

9. The snake looked at the poet ………… .

(A) Happily

(B) Confusingly

(C) Sadly

(D) Vaguely

Ans (D) Vaguely

10. What is Etna?

(A) a volcano

(B) a desert

(C) a lake

(D) a sea

Ans (A) a volcano

11. Which month has been mentioned in the poem?

(A) May

(B) June

(C) July

(D) August

Ans (C) July

12. In Sicily black snakes are supposed to be innocent whereas the ………. to be venomous.

(A) red

(B) green

(C) white

(D) golden

Ans (D) golden

13. What did the poet first thought to see that yellow brown snake.

(A) to hit

(B) to catch

(C) to kill

(D) to save

Ans (C) to kill

14. Which tree has been mentioned in the poem?

(A) coconut

(B) sandal

(C) carobtree

(D) banyan

Ans (C) carobtree

15. What did the poet throw on the snake?

(A) a stone

(B) a clumsy log

(C) his shoe

(D) a stick

Ans (B) a clumsy log

16. The poet compares the snake to ………. .

(A) Falcon

(B) Emu

(C) Ostrich

(D) Albatross

Ans (D) Albatross

17. A………..is mentioned in the poem snake.

(A) Encalyptus

(B) Carabtree

(C) Neem tree

(D) Mango tree

 Ans (B) Carabtree

18. Etna is in…….

(A) Sicily

(B) Paris

(C) Moscow

(D) Lisbon

Ans (A) Sicily

19. A………. came to D.H. Lawrence’s water trough:

(A) donkey

(B) goat

(C) snake

(D) horse

Ans (C) snake

20. The poet was wearing…………

(A) Pyjama

(B) T. Shirt

(C) Sweaters

(D) Jacket

Ans (A) Pyjama

21. The poet had gone to the water trough to drink………

(A) water

(B) juice

(C) tea

(D) wine

Ans (A) water

22. A snake appears on a trough of the………..to sip water:

(A) plumber

(B) sweeper

(C) officer

(D) poet

Ans (D) poet

23. The speaker (poet) had a desire to talk to……….

(A) wolf

(B) dog

(C) snake

(D) eagle

Ans (C) snake

24. The snake met the poet near his water:

(A) trough

(B) tumbler

(C) pitcher

(D) canal

Ans (A) trough

25. The snake seemed like a……….in exile:

(A) prince

(B) king

(C) jack

(D) vagabond

Ans (B) king

26. “And stooped and drank a little more” is from:

(A) Fire-Hymn

(B) Song of Myself

(C) Snake

(D) Ode to Autumn

Ans (C) Snake

27. He lifted his head from his drinking’ is from:

(A) Snake

(B) Song of Myself

(C) Ode to Autumn

(D) An Epitaph

Ans (A) Snake

28. D. H. Lawrence exalts the values of primitive life in:

(A) Snake

(B) Fire-Hymn

(C) Song of Myself

(D) My Grandmother’s House

Ans (A) Snake

29. Who has composed the poem ‘Snake?

(A) John Donne

(B) TS Eliot

(C) DH Lawrence

(D) Walt Whitman

Ans (C) DH Lawrence

30. The poet DH Lawrence was…….

(A) poet

(B) short story wirter

(C) novelist

(D) all of them

Ans (D) all of them

31. “And stopped and drank a little more” is from……….

(A) Fire-Hymn.

(B) Song of myself

(C) Snake

(D) Ode to Autumn

Ans (C) Snake

32. After hitting the snake with a log, the speaker of the poem the snake wants to………

(A) enjoy

(B) expiate

(C) celebrate

(D) none

Ans (B) expiate

33. The snake came to the Poet’s water-through on a………. day.

(A) hot

(B) cold

(C) rainy

(D) none

Ans (A) hot

34. In………according to the poem ‘Snake: black snakes are considered innocent.

(A) England

(B) Sicily

(C) France

(D) Italy

Ans (B) Sicily

35. The speaker in the poem ‘Snake’ hits the snake with…………

(A) Hunter

(B) Log

(C) Rod

(D) None

Ans (B) Log

36. D.H. Lawrence was……….

(A) A fiction writer

(B) A poet

(C) A short story writer

(D) all of these

Ans (D) all of these

37. In the poem ‘Snake’ Lawrence denounces the artificialities of………… life

(A) ancient

(B) medieval

(C) modern

(D) none

Ans (C) modern

38. The snake appears on a water-trough of the………..to sip water.

(A) teacher

(B) doctor

(C) poet

(D) none

Ans (C) poet

39. The poet compares the snake to a……. …bird, albatross.

(A) well

(B) River

(C) Sea

(D) Pond

Ans (C) Sea

40. A………… tree is mentioned in the poem ‘Snake’.

(A) Mango

(B) Peepal

(C) Carbo

(D) None

Ans (C) Carbo

41. “Someone was before me at my water-trough, And I, like a second comer, waiting.”

-is from.

(A) The Soldier

(B) Snake

(C) Fire Hymn

(D) An Epitaph

Ans (B) Snake

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