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English Class 12 Chapter 11 Objective Bihar Board : A Marriage Proposal Objective Question Answer 2024 : Here You Can Find Class 12th English objective question for bihar board exam. A Marriage Proposal objective question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. A Marriage proposal objective question : Bihar board 12th English chapter 11 pdf download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified Our Expert Teacher 

A Marriage Proposal Objective Questions

1. Which type of prose-piece is ‘A Marriage Proposal?

(A) Essay

(B) Drama

(C) Speech

(D) Short story

Ans (B) Drama

2. Anton Chekhov began his career by writing

(A) Drama

(B) Poetry

(C) Comic Sketches

(D) Novels

Ans (C) Comic Sketches

3. Who has written ‘A Marriage Proposal?

(A) T S Eliot

(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Kamala Das

(D) Anton Chekhov

Ans (D) Anton Chekhov

4. Anton Chekhov belongs to

(A) England

(B) China

(C) Japan

(D) Russia

Ans (D) Russia

5. Which of the following is not the creation of Anton Chekhov?

(A) The Cherry Orchard

(B) Uncle Vanya

(C) As you like it

(D) The three sisters

Ans (C) As you like it

6. Anton Chekhov was a …………by profession.

(A) lawyer

(B) boxer

(C) teacher

(D) doctor

Ans (D) doctor

7. The three characters of ‘A Marriage Proposal are- Chookoobov, Natalia and …………

(A) Angelina

(B) Agafiya

(C) Lomov

(D) Mikhail

Ans (C) Lomov

8. Lomov is a man of 35 but Natalia is of ……

(A) 20

(B) 25

(C) 30

(D) 32

Ans (B) 25

9. Lomov is a man of …. nature.

(A) atychiphobiac

(B) ascetic

(C) hypochondriac

(D) kleptomaniac

Ans (C) hypochondriac

10. Lomov wants to marry ………..

(A) Jessica

(B) Natalia

(C) Susan

(D) Florence

Ans (B) Natalia

11. Natalia is the daughter of ……….

(A) Lomov

(B) Alexander

(C) Vladimir

(D) Choobookov

Ans (D) Choobookov

12. Lomov is a man of temperament. …..

(A) Choleric

(B) nervous

(C) Phlegmatic

(D) Happy

Ans (B) nervous

13. The ownership of ……. is disputed.

(A) Ox-meadow

(B) Orchard

(C) tree

(D) Native house

Ans (A) Ox-meadow

14. Who goes to Choobookov with Ivan’s proposal?

(A) Natalia

(B) Natasha

(C) Maria

(D) lvan/Lomov

Ans (D) lvan/Lomov

15. Who threatens to take the matter to the court?

(A) lvan/Lomov

(B) Natalia

(C) Natasha

(D) Choobcokov

Ans (A) lvan/Lomov

16. Who was Lomov?

(A) A Landowner

(B) A Shepherd

(C) A Businessman

(D) A Grocer

Ans (A) A Landowner

17. What is the name of Lomov’s dog?

(A) Tommy

(B) Guess

(C) Charlie

(D) Leap

Ans (B) Guess

18. What is the name of Natalia’s dog?

(A) Tommy

(B) Guess

(C) Charlie

(D) Leap

Ans (D) Leap

19. According to Lomov, Leap is …….

(A) Lame

(B) pug-jawed

(C) Old

(D) Leap

Ans (B) pug-jawed

20. What happens at the end?

(A) Choobookov gets ready

(B) Choobookov takes the matter to the court

(C) Choobookov procrastinates

(D) Chooboov flatly ignores

Ans (A) Choobookov gets ready

21. Who does Chubukov call a “lovesick cat”?

(A) Lomov

(B) himself

(C) his maid

(D) Natalia

Ans (D) Natalia

22. Lomov’s dog has two defects he is old and his…….is too short:

(A) mouth

(B) teeth

(C) legs

(D) muzzle

Ans (D) Natalia

23. Lomov has come to ask for his daughter………. hand in marriage:

(A) Natalia’s

(B) Matalia’s

(C) Khatalia’s

(D) Ratalia’s

Ans (A) Natalia’s

24. ……….is mad in love of Lomov:

(A) Natalia

(B) Khatalia

(C) Matalia

(D) Ratalia

Ans (A) Natalia

25. Lomov is……years old:

(A) 30

(B) 32

(C) 35

(D) 36

Ans (C) 35

26. The worth of Ox meadows is about three……. rubles:

(A) hundred

(B) thousand

(C) millon

(D) crore

Ans (A) hundred

27. ……….is the daughter of Choobookov:

(A) Matalia

(B) Natalia

(C) Ratalia

(D) Satalia

Ans (B) Natalia

28. Natalia’s dog is named…………

(A) Leap

(B) Weap

(C) Deap

(D) Neap

Ans (A) Leap

29. The name of the dog of Lomov is……….

(A) Guess

(B) Buess

(C) Ruess

(D) Cruess

Ans (A) Guess

30. A Marriage Proposal is a……. act play:

(A) three

(B) one

(C) two

(D) four

Ans (B) one

31. Anton Chehov began his career by writing:

(A) drama

(B) poetry

(C) comic sketches

(D) novels

Ans (C) comic sketches

32. A Marriage Proposal is a

(A) tragedy

(B) satire

(C) tragi-comedy

(D) comedy

Ans (D) comedy

33. Lomov inherited oxen Meadows from……

(A) uncle and aunt

(B) parents

(C) sisters

(D) brothers

Ans (A) uncle and aunt

34. Natalia wears a negligee. It refers to…….

(A) a tight gown for wearing inside

(B) loose gown for doing household work

(C) an apron

(D) a shirt

Ans (B) loose gown for doing household work

35. The play A Marriage Proposal is…….

(A) one act play

(B) three act play

(C) four act play

(D) five act play

Ans (A) one act play

36. The worst of Lomov physical problem is…….

(A) the way he sleeps

(B) his palpitations

(C) his headache

(D) his limp

Ans (A) the way he sleeps

37. Anton Chekhov was a famous……. playright.

(A) American

(B) Russian

(C) Indian

(D) English

Ans (B) Russian

38. Choobookov is Natalia’s……….

(A) friend

(B) father

(C) brother

(D) uncle

Ans (B) father

39. The first argument between Lomov and Natalia was over…….

(A) land

(B) labour

(C) hunting dogs

(D) inheritance

Ans (A) land

40. Who utters the name of Volchanetsky?

(A) Natalia

(B) Choobookov

(C) Lomov

(D) Natasya

Ans (A) Natalia

41. Portridge here is a…. bird.

(A) singing

(B) game

(C) preying

(D) dancing

Ans (D) dancing

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