English Class 12 Chapter 11 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 11 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. A Marriage Proposal objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. A Marriage Proposal written by Anton Chekhov.

A Marriage Proposal Objective Questions

  1. Which type of prose-piece is ‘A Marriage Proposal?

(a.) Essay

(b.) Drama

(c.) Speech

(d.) Short story

Ans (b.) Drama

  1. Anton Chekhov began his career by writing

(a.) Drama

(b.) Poetry

(c.) Comic Sketches

(d.) Novels

Ans (c.) Comic Sketches

  1. Who has written ‘A Marriage Proposal?

(a.) T S Eliot

(b.) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(c.) Kamala Das

(d.) Anton Chekhov

Ans (d.) Anton Chekhov

  1. Anton Chekhov belongs to

(a.) England

(b.) China

(c.) Japan

(d.) Russia

Ans (d.) Russia

  1. Which of the following is not the creation of Anton Chekhov?

(a.) The Cherry Orchard

(b.) Uncle Vanya

(c.) As you like it

(d.) The three sisters

Ans (c.) As you like it

  1. Anton Chekhov was a …………by profession.

(a.) lawyer

(b.) boxer

(c.) teacher

(d.) doctor

Ans (d.) doctor

  1. The three characters of ‘A Marriage Proposal are- Chookoobov, Natalia and …………

(a.) Angelina

(b.) Agafiya

(c.) Lomov

(d.) Mikhail

Ans (c.) Lomov

  1. Lomov is a man of 35 but Natalia is of ……

(a.) 20

(b.) 25

(c.) 30

(d.) 32

Ans (b.) 25

  1. Lomov is a man of ….. nature.

(a.) atychiphobiac

(b.) ascetic

(c.) hypochondriac

(d.) kleptomaniac

Ans (c.) hypochondriac

  1. Lomov wants to marry ………..

(a.) Jessica

(b.) Natalia

(c.) Susan

(d.) Florence

Ans (b.) Natalia

  1. Natalia is the daughter of ………..

(a.) Lomov

(b.) Alexander

(c.) Vladimir

(d.) Choobookov

Ans (d.) Choobookov

  1. Lomov is a man of temperament. …..

(a.) Choleric

(b.) nervous

(c.) Phlegmatic

(d.) Happy

Ans (b.) nervous

  1. The ownership of ……. is disputed.

(a.) Ox-meadow

(b.) Orchard

(c.) tree

(d.) Native house

Ans (a.) Ox-meadow

  1. Who goes to Choobookov with Ivan’s proposal?

(a.) Natalia

(b.) Natasha

(c.) Maria

(d.) lvan/Lomov

Ans (d.) lvan/Lomov

  1. Who threatens to take the matter to the court?

(a.) lvan/Lomov

(b.) Natalia

(c.) Natasha

(d.) Choobcokov

Ans (a.) lvan/Lomov

  1. Who was Lomov?

(a.) A Landowner

(b.) A Shepherd

(c.) A Businessman

(d.) A Grocer

Ans (a.) A Landowner

  1. What is the name of Lomov’s dog?

(a.) Tommy

(b.) Guess

(c.) Charlie

(d.) Leap

Ans (b.) Guess

  1. What is the name of Natalia’s dog?

(a.) Tommy

(b.) Guess

(c.) Charlie

(d.) Leap

Ans (d.) Leap

  1. According to Lomov,Leap is …….

(a.) Lame

(b.) pug-jawed

(c.) Old

(d.) Leap

Ans (b.) pug-jawed

  1. What happens at the end?

(a.) Choobookov gets ready

(b.) Choobookov takes the matter to the court

(c.) Choobookov procrastinates

(d.) Chooboov flatly ignores

Ans (a.) Choobookov gets ready

  1. Who does Chubukov call a “lovesick cat”?

(a.) Lomov

(b.) himself

(c.) his maid

(d.) Natalia

Ans (d.) Natalia

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