English Class 12 Chapter 9 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 9 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. The Earth objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. The Earth written by H.E Bates.

The Earth Objective Questions

  1. Which type of prose piece is The Earth’?

(a.) speech

(b.) essay

(c.) short story

(d.) travelogue

Ans (c.) short story

  1. who has written The Earth’?

(a.) Shiga Naoya

(b.) H E Bates

(c.) Zakir Hussain

(d.) Pearl S Buck

Ans (b.) H E Bates

  1. HE Bates also worked for some time as a/an ….

(a.) actor

(b.) singer

(c.) journalist

(d.) librarian

Ans (c.) journalist

  1. Benjy was the son of……..

(a.) Robinson

(b.) Stevenson

(c.) Rockson

(d.) Johnson

Ans (d.) Johnson

  1. All that the Johnson had was the…………

(a.) earth

(b.) house

(c.) hotel

(d.) shop

Ans (a.) earth

  1. Johnson was a …… by profession.

(a.) doctor

(b.) teacher

(c.) farmer

(d.) magician

Ans (c.) farmer

  1. Which of the following were not the possessions of Johnson.

(a.) a plough

(b.) a bony brown mare

(c.) a tractor

(d.) a two wheeled cart

Ans (c.) a tractor

  1. Benjy was a …… guy.

(a.) simple-minded

(b.) cunning

(c.) selfish

(d.) All of the above

Ans (d.) All of the above

  1. Johnson was more interested in his

(a.) hens

(b.) kittens

(c.) fields

(d.) books

Ans (c.) fields

  1. Johnson was also a…….

(a.) painter

(b.) preacher

(c.) writer

(d.) musician

Ans (b.) preacher

  1. Benjy left school at the age of ………

(a.) twelve

(b.) thirteen

(c.) fourteen

(d.) fifteen

Ans (c.) fourteen

  1. Where did Benjy’s parents took Benjy?

(a.) to a magician

(b.) to a teacher

(c.) to a doctor

(d.) to a pope

Ans (c.) to a doctor

  1. What did the doctor advice Benjy’s parents regards Benjy?

(a.) to work at field

(b.) to start a book shop

(c.) to take care of study

(d.) to keep hens

Ans (d.) to keep hens

  1. Benjy’s simplicity gradually turned to have become

(a.) stupidity

(b.) cunning

(c.) clever

(d.) naïve

Ans (b.) cunning

  1. When Benjy was 21,his father handed him a ……..

(a.) book

(b.) car

(c.) Passbook

(d.) scooter

Ans (c.) Passbook

  1. Benjy bought the house from ……….

(a.) Daniel

(b.) Sanders

(c.) Andrew

(d.) Peter

Ans (b.) Sanders

  1. Who was Florence ?

(a.) Benjy’s classmate

(b.) maid of the farm

(c.) Johnson’s relative

(d.) Benjy’s secretary

Ans (b.) maid of the farm

  1. To whom did Benjy marry?

(a.) Sophia

(b.) Florence

(c.) Mary

(d.) Diana

Ans (b.) Florence

  1. Beny’s parents did not like Florence because

(a.) she was blind

(b.) she was poor

(c.) she was ugly

(d.) she was proud

Ans (c.) she was ugly

  1. Where did Benjy finally left his parents?

(a.) jungle

(b.) old home

(c.) strange village

(d.) on a strange pavement

Ans (d.) on a strange pavement

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