English Class 12 Chapter 6 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 6 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. The Artist objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. The Artist written by Shiga Naoya

The Artist Objective Questions

  1. Shiga Naoya is a …….. short story writer.

(a.) Chinese

(b.) Japanese

(c.) American

(d.) Korean

Ans (b.) Japanese

  1. Sebei was ……….. years old.

(a.) 10

(b.) 11

(c.) 12

(d.) 13

Ans (c.) 12

  1. Seibei was Passionately interested in

(a.) Melons

(b.) toys

(c.) Gourds  

(d.) fruits

Ans (c.) Gourds  

  1. Who is the main character Of the story?

(a.) Benjy

(b.) Seibei

(c.) Nanukaka

(d.) Ramanuj

Ans (b.) Seibei

  1. Seibei lives in a …………. town.

(a.) Nearby

(b.) Small

(c.) Harbour

(d.) Big

Ans (c.) Harbour

  1. Seibei was twelve years old ….. boy.

(a.) Chinese

(b.) Japanese

(c.) African

(d.) Indian

Ans (b.) Japanese

  1. Seibei was still at ….. school.

(a.) middle

(b.) primary

(c.) government

(d.) Convent

Ans (b.) primary

  1. Seibei’s father worked in a … shop.

(a.) barber

(b.) jewellery

(c.) vegetable

(d.) carpenter

Ans (d.) carpenter

  1. Seibei’s hobby was collecting ………

(a.) gourds

(b.) flowers

(c.) seeds

(d.) grass

Ans (a.) gourds

  1. Shiga Naoya was a great …………

(a.) story writer

(b.) novelist

(c.) a&b both

(d.) dramatist

Ans (c.) a & b both

  1. The one who behaves like a woman is called ?

(a.) bully

(b.) Flatterer

(c.) glutton

(d.) effeminate

Ans (d.) effeminate

  1. Which teacher caught Seibei in the Classroom?

(a.) Science

(b.) Social Science

(c.) Ethics

(d.) Maths

Ans (c.) Ethics

  1. In how many sens did Seibei buy that special gourd from the old lady?

(a.) 10

(b.) 15

(c.) 20

(d.) 30

Ans (a.) 10

  1. What was Seibei doing with the gourd when the teacher caught him?

(a.) painting

(b.) polishing

(d.) eating

(c.) chopping

Ans (b.) polishing

  1. Which species of the gourd been mentioned in the chapter?

(a.) silk gourd

(b.) calabash

(c.) bottle gourd

(d.) Bakin

Ans (d.) Bakin

  1. Nanniwabushi is a type of …………. In Japan?

(a.) gourd

(b.) game

(c.) dance

(d.) music

Ans (d.) music

  1. To whom did the teacher complain about Seibei ?

(a.) father

(b.) uncle

(c.) brother

(d.) mother

Ans (d.) mother

  1. Seibei is now in his pictures.

(a.) attached

(b.) engaged

(c.) involved

(d.) engrossed

Ans (d.) engrossed

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