English Class 12 Chapter 6 Bihar Board

English Class 12 Chapter 6 Objective Bihar Board : The Artist Objective Question Answer 2024 : Here You Can Find Class 12th English objective question for bihar board exam. The Artist objective question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. The Artist objective question : Bihar board 12th English chapter 6 pdf download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified Our Expert Teacher 

The Artist Objective Questions

1. Shiga Naoya is a …….. short story writer.

(A) Chinese

(B) Japanese

(C) American

(D) Korean

Ans (B) Japanese

2. Sebei was ……….. years old.

(A) 10

(B) 11

(C) 12

(D) 13

Ans (C) 12

3. Seibei was Passionately interested in

(A) Melons

(B) toys

(C) Gourds  

(D) fruits

Ans (C) Gourds  

4. Who is the main character Of the story?

(A) Benjy

(B) Seibei

(C) Nanukaka

(D) Ramanuj

Ans (B) Seibei

5. Seibei lives in a …………. town.

(A) Nearby

(B) Small

(C) Harbour

(D) Big

Ans (C) Harbour

6. Seibei was twelve years old ….. boy.

(A) Chinese

(B) Japanese

(C) African

(D) Indian

Ans (B) Japanese

7. Seibei was still at ….. school.

(A) middle

(B) primary

(C) government

(D) Convent

Ans (B) primary

8. Seibei’s father worked in a … shop.

(A) barber

(B) jewellery

(C) vegetable

(D) carpenter

Ans (D) carpenter

9. Seibei’s hobby was collecting ………

(A) gourds

(B) flowers

(C) seeds

(D) grass

Ans (A) gourds

10. Shiga Naoya was a great …………

(A) story writer

(B) novelist

(C) a&b both

(D) dramatist

Ans (C) a & b both

11. The one who behaves like a woman is called?

(A) bully

(B) Flatterer

(C) glutton

(D) effeminate

Ans (D) effeminate

12. Which teacher caught Seibei in the Classroom?

(A) Science

(B) Social Science

(C) Ethics

(D) Maths

Ans (C) Ethics

13. In how many sens did Seibei buy that special gourd from the old lady?

(A) 10

(B) 15

(C) 20

(D) 30

Ans (A) 10

14. What was Seibei doing with the gourd when the teacher caught him?

(A) painting

(B) polishing

(C) chopping

(D) eating

Ans (B) polishing

15. Which species of the gourd been mentioned in the chapter?

(A) silk gourd

(B) calabash

(C) bottle gourd

(D) Bakin

Ans (D) Bakin

16. Nanniwabushi is a type of …………. In Japan?

(A) gourd

(B) game

(C) dance

(D) music

Ans (D) music

17. To whom did the teacher complain about Seibei ?

(A) father

(B) uncle

(C) brother

(D) mother

Ans (D) mother

18. Seibei is now in his pictures.

(A) attached

(B) engaged

(C) involved

(D) engrossed

Ans (D) engrossed

19. “The Artist” is………….

(A) an anecdote

(B) a short story

(C) a ballad

(D) a play

Ans (B) a short story

20. Seibei got gourds for a few………….

(A) Yens

(B) dollars

(C) reals

(D) francs

Ans (A) Yens

21. Seibei’s hobby of collecting gourd made his teacher………….

(A) proud

(B) angry

(D) surprised

(D) laugh

Ans (B) angry

22. Seibei was a…………. boy-

(A) Chinese

(B) Japanese

(C) Nepalise

(D) Korean.

Ans (B) Japanese

23. Seibei bought a…………. inch gourd from an old woman.

(A) five

(B) four

(C) three

(D) six.

Ans (A) five

24. The teacher became very…………. with Seibei for neglecting his studies.

(A) courteous

(B) angry

(C) sad

(D) friendly.

Ans (B) angry

25. The price of the five inches gourd was………….

(A) ten yen

(B) five yen

(C) six yen

(D) none

Ans (A) ten yen

26. “You are an idiot!”…………. shouted.

(A) the teacher

(B) his uncle

(C) the officer

(D) his mother

Ans (A) the teacher

27. Seibei was a …………. years old Japanese boy.

(A) twelve

(B) nine

(C) five

(D) two

Ans (A) twelve

28. The hobby of collecting gourds is called………….pastime.

(A) effeminate

(B) good

(C) manly

(D) bad

Ans (A) effeminate

29. Seibei took to…………. after going up collecting gourds.

(A) reading books

(B) playing games

(C) painting pictures

(D) watching pictures

Ans (C) painting pictures

30. The artist has been written by…………..

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Dr. Zakir Hussain

(C) Shiga Naoya

(D) Bertrand Russell

Ans (C) Shiga Naoya

31. “Fancy a lad spending his time playing around like that with gourds!’’- is from

(A) The Earth

(B) A Marriage Proposal

(C) A Child is Born

(D) The Artist

Ans (D) The Artist

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