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Class 12th Biology Chapter 4 Objective in English : Here you can find class 12th biology Objective questions for board exam 2024. Reproductive Health objective questions is very important for board exam 2023 – 2024. mcq questions for class 12th biology chapter 4 in english. important question website

12th Biology Chapter 4 Objective Questions in English

1. RCH stands for : 

(A) routine check-up of health

(B) reproduction cum hygiene

(C) reversible contraceptive hazards 

(D) reproduction and child health care

2. What is the work of copper-T ? 

(A) To inhibit ovulation

(B) To inhibit fertilization

(C) To inhibit implantation of blastocyst

(D) To inhibit gametogenesis

3. Tubectomy, a method of population control, is performed on :

(A) Both males and females

(B) Males only

(C) Females only 

(D) Only pregnant females

4. A method of sterilisation is : 


(B) Diaphragm

(C) Tubectomy 

(D) Loop

5. Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI), Lucknow has developed a contraceptive named ?

(A) Mala-D 

(B) Combined pills

(C) Saheli 

(D) Condoms

6. Surgical removal of testis of male to control the human population is :

(A) Castration 

(B) Tubectomy

(C) Laparoscopy

(D) Vasectomy

7. Which of the following is mechanical barrier used in birth control

(A) Copper-T 

(B) Diaphragm 

(C) Loop 

(D) Dalcon shield

8. In India, first census was conducted in : 

(A) 1851 

(B) 1872

(C) 1921 

(D) 1951

9. Amniocentesis is a process to : 

(A) Determine any disease in the heart

(B) Know about diseases of brain

(C) Determine any hereditary disease in the embryo

(D) All of these

10. “Saheli’ a female antifertility pill, is used : 

(A) Daily 

(B) Weekly

(C) Quarterly 

(D) Monthly

11. Drug Ru-486 is used as : 

(A) Contraceptive 

(B) Abortive agent

(C) Amniocentesis 

(D) Mutagen

12. The pre-natal technique to determine the genetic disorders in a foetus is called :

(A) Laproscopy

(B) Amniocentesis

(C) Abstinence

(D) Coitus interrupts

13. World AIDS day is :

(A) December 21 

(B) December 1

(C) November 1 

(D) June 11

14. The common means of transmission of AIDS is : 

(A) sexual intercourse 

(B) blood transfusion

(C) placental transfer

(D) all of these

15. Number of deaths during a limited time period and place for a particular population is known as:

(A) Natality 

(B) Mortality

(C) Migratory 

(D) Integrity

16. Copper T/loop prevents :

(A) Ovulation 

(B) Fertilization

(C) Zygote formation

(D) Cleavage

17. Test-tube baby is a technique where : 

(A) Zygote is taken from the oviduct cultured and then implanted

(B) Ovum is taken out, then fertilized and implanted

(C) Sperms and ovum are fused and zygote grown in a test tube

(D) None of the above

18. A method of birth control is : 



(C) IVF-T 

(D) IUDs

19. What is ‘Saheli’ ? 

(A) oral pills for pregnancy

(B) non-steroidal pills

(C) oral contraceptive for human female

(D) Both (B) and (C)

20. Emergency contraceptives are effective if used within : . 

(A) 72 hrs of coitus

(B) 72 hrs of ovulation

(C) 72 hrs of menstruation

(D) 72 hrs of implantation

21. The main reason for making Copper T most effective and popular Intra Uterine device in female :

(A) Reduction in fertilization ability of spermatozoa

(B) Increased phagocytosis of spermatozoa due to release of copper ion

(C) Reduction in motility of spermatozoa 

(D) All of these

22. The first sign of growing human foetus may be noticed by 

(A) Movement of foetus

(B) Listening to the heart sound through stethoscope

(C) Development of limbs

(D) None of these

23. Progesterone pill helps in preventing pregnancy by not allowing:

(A) ova formation 

(B) fertilization

(C) implantation 

(D) none of these

24. Multiload device contains : 

(A) manganese 

(B) iron

(C) copper 

(D) calcium

25. The most important component of oral contraceptive pills is : 

(A) progesterone-estrogen

(B) growth hormone

(C) thyroxine 

(D) luteinizing hormone

26. Hepatitis B is transmitted through:

(A) blood transfusion

(B) intimate physical contact 

(C) sexually

(D) all of these

27. AIDS was reported for the first time in : 

(A) USA 

(B) Nigeria

(C) Ghana 

(D) India

28. Increased IMR and decreased MMR in a population will: 

(A) cause rapid increase in growth rate

(B) result in decline in growth rate 

(C) not cause significant change in growth rate

(D) result in an explosive population/exp

29. A national level approach to build up a reproductively healthy society was taken up in our country in :

(A) 1950s 

(B) 1960s

(C) 1980s 

(D) 1990s 

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