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Bihar Board Exam 2023 English Question Paper Answer Key

यहाँ आपको बिहार बोर्ड परीक्षा 2023 के 12th English के Question Paper के साथ में Answer भी मिल जायेंगे, निचे Bihar Board Class 12 के English 100 Marks (Science & Commerce) के सभी Questions  का  Answer Key Solution मिल जायेगा ।

English Class 12 Question Paper 2023 Bihar Board

Bihar Board English subject exam will be conducted on February 4, 2023. Here you can find Bihar board English class 12 question paper 2023 with solution. You must have to read Bihar board previous year question paper 2023 to get good marks in Bihar board examination. Bihar Board English Chapter wise Question Answer : Click to view  

Bihar Board Class 12th English Question Paper 2023

  1. You must write to the Principal. (Choose the correct passive voice)  

(A) You will write to the Principal.  

(B) The Principal must be written to.  

(C) Write to the Principal.  

(D) Written to the Principal should be  

Ans : (B) The Principal must be written to.  

  1. The Antonym of ‘Vague’ is :  

(A) Hard

(B) Clear  

(C) Polite

(D) Refuse  

Ans : (B) Clear  

  1. They said, “How silly of him!” (Choose the correct indirect narration)  

(A) They said that it is silly of him.  

(B) Silly of him is what they said.  

(C) They exclaimed that it was very silly of him.  

(D) They were angry that it was silly of him.  

Ans : (C) They exclaimed that it was very silly of him.  

  1. I …………. him two years ago. (Choose the correct form of tense)   

(A) saw

(B) see  

(C) seeing

(D) have seen

Ans :  (A) saw

  1. Some actresses are …………. dancers. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) brilliant

(B) courteous  

(C) dangerous

(D) rapid 

Ans : (A) brilliant

  1. …………. they live near you ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) Does

(B) Do  

(C) Have

(D) Are 

Ans : (B) Do  

  1. Choose the correct sentence ;  

(A) We saw a wonderful show next day.  

(B) We show a wonderful saw yesterday.  

(C) We show a wonderful saw today.  

(D) We saw a wonderful show yesterday. 

Ans : (D) We saw a wonderful show yesterday. 

  1. The book, in parts, …………. boring. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) is

(B) are  

(C) were

(D) had 

Ans : (A) is

  1. You have made all preparations …………. the marriage. (Choose the correct preposition)  

(A) to

(B) for  

(C) of

(D) on 

Ans : (B) for  

  1. Where did …………. buy that dress ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) her

(B) him  

(C) his

(D) she 

Ans : (D) she 

  1. I would appreciate …………. from you. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) to hear

(B) heard  

(C) hear

(D) hearing 

Ans : (D) hearing 

  1. The boss ordered to follow him. (Choose the correct direct narration)  

(A) The boss said, “Follow me.”  

(B) The boss says, “Will follow me.”  

(C) The boss will say, “Following me.”  

(D) The boss has said, “Following me.” 

Ans : (A) The boss said, “Follow me.”  

  1. Choose the correctly spelt word.  

(A) Transfered

(B) Trunsfered  

(C) Transferred

(D) Trensfired 

Ans : (A) Transfered

  1. Try …………. with what you have. (Choose the correct phrase)  

(A) to make do

(B) produce it  

(C) create it

(D) to do it   

Ans : (D) to do it   

  1. I often suffer from …………. backache. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) a

(B) an  

(C) the

(D) no article 

Ans : (D) no article 

  1. You bought a car, …………. ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) did not you

(B) haven’t you  

(C) weren’t you

(D) don’t you 

Ans : (A) did not you

  1. I eat rice …………. my hand. (Choose the correct preposition)  

(A) in

(B) at  

(C) with

(D) for 

Ans : (C) with

  1. I want a …………. for higher studies. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) lone

(B) loan 

(C) loen

(D) lonely 

Ans : (B) loan 

  1. Choose the correct sentence :  

(A) He was standing right for his father.  

(B) He was standing right of his father.  

(C) He was standing in front of his father.  

(D) He was standing right from his father.  

Ans : (C) He was standing in front of his father.  

  1. Choose the correct antonym of ‘sterile’.  

(A) Short

(B) Common  

(C) Wild

(D) Fertile 

Ans : (D) Fertile 

  1. Did she see …………. ? (Choose the correct option)  

(A) us

(B) they  

(C) their

(D) his 

Ans : (A) us

  1. I …………. black hair and brown eyes.  

(A) has

(B) have  

(C) is

(D) was 

Ans : (B) have  

  1. Choose the odd one out :  

(A) Flute

(B) Violin  

(C) Sitar

(D) Guitar 

Ans : (A) Flute

  1. Choose the correct word.  When a room is tiny, it is ………….  

(A) small

(B) light  

(C) cold

(D) hot 

Ans : (A) small

  1. For …………. information, go to the office. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) further

(B) farther  

(C) either

(D) neither

Ans :  (A) further

  1. He wanted to buy …………. mangoes. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) much

(B) any  

(C) little

(D) some 

Ans : (D) some 

  1. Nistha tried to solve the problem but she …………. not. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) can

(B) could  

(C) may

(D) might  

Ans : (B) could  

  1. He will stay here …………. Monday. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) by

(B) at  

(C) to

(D) till  

Ans : (A) by

  1. Oh no! …………. I late for the exam ?  

(A) Am

(B) Is  

(C) Are

(D) Isn’t 

Ans : (A) Am

  1. I sat on my front step. I looked across the street. (Choose the correct combination of


(A) I sat and looked on my front step ad across the street.  

(B) I sat on my front step and looked across the street.  

(C) I sat on my front step to looked across the street.  

(D) I sat and looked on my front step across the street.   

Ans : (B) I sat on my front step and looked across the street.  

  1. One who loves one’s country: …………. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) Revolutionary

(B) Traitor  

(C) Patriot

(D) Ambassador 

Ans : (C) Patriot

  1. You can …………. words in a dictionary. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) look up

(B) look  

(C) look down

(D) look after 

Ans : (A) look up

  1. To drive home. (Choose the correct meaning)  

(A) To find one’s root

(B) To return to place of rest  

(C) Back to original position

(D) To emphasize 

Ans : (D) To emphasize 

  1. Choose the correct spelling.  

(A) Servent

(B) Servant  

(C) Sarvent

(D) sarvant 

Ans : (B) Servant  

  1. I tried to resolve the complex situation. (Identify the adjective)  

(A) tried

(B) complex  

(C) resolve

(D) situation 

Ans : (B) complex  

  1. Hardly had he left, …………. his brother came. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) then

(B) than 

(C) when

(D) that 

Ans : (C) when

  1. We should …………. the plane now. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) bored

(B) board  

(C) boat

(D) bore 

Ans : (B) board  

  1. Choose the correct synonym of ‘Rectify’.  

(A) To build

(B) To command  

(C) To destroy

(D) To correct 

Ans : (D) To correct 

  1. Choose the correct antonym of ‘Sympathetic’.  

(A) Insensitive

(B) Thoughtful  

(C) Caring

(D) Compassionate

Ans :  (A) Insensitive

  1. Your friends …………. for you for an hour. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) waits

(B) waited  

(C) will waiting

(D) waiting 

Ans : (B) waited  

  1. I …………. working all afternoon and have just finished the  assignment.(Choose the correct option)  

(A) have been

(B) had been  

(C) shall be

(D) am 

Ans : (A) have been

  1. There is a wall …………. the garden. (Choose the correct preposition)  

(A) around

(B) across  

(C) on

(D) into  

Ans : (A) around

  1. They usually spend their holidays in …………. mountains. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) a

(B) an  

(C) the

(D) no article 

Ans : (C) the

  1. He made a clean breast of it during the last days of his life. (Choose the correct meaning of the underlined phrase)  

(A) fought like a hero

(B) confessed honestly  

(C) faced bravely

(D) shaved his breast 

Ans : (B) confessed honestly  

  1. One who does not believe in the existence of God : (Choose the correct meaning)  

(A) Theist

(B) Heretic  

(C) Atheist

(D) Fanatic 

Ans : (C) Atheist

  1. Yesterday I …………. finish my geography project. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) must

(B) mustn’t  

(C) had to

(D) have to 

Ans : (C) had to

  1. He …………. to Agra tomorrow. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) will go

(B) went  

(C) shall go

(D) will went 

Ans : (A) will go

  1. I like Chinese food …………. my husband doesn’t like it al all. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) so

(B) but  

(C) because

(D) and  

Ans : (B) but  

  1. It is very hot. I can’t go out. (Choose the best combination of sentences)  

(A) It is very hot, can I go now ?  

(B) It is hot, so I cannot go.  

(C) It is too hot for me to go out.  

(D) Too hot it is, so can’t go out.  

Ans : (C) It is too hot for me to go out.  

  1. We …………. a lot of volunteer work. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) doing

(B) do  

(C) does

(D) are do 

Ans : (B) do  

  1. Choose the correct sentence :  

(A) Let’s go to the church to find some peace.  

(B) Let go to church to find some peace.  

(C) Let’s go to church to find some piece. 

(D) Let’s go to the church to find at peace.  

Ans : (A) Let’s go to the church to find some peace.  

  1. Everybody …………. leaving now. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) is

(B) are  

(C) am

(D) was  

Ans : (A) is

  1. What type of sentence is this ?  

 How Surprising!  

(A) Declarative

(B) Interrogative  

(C) Exclamatory

(D) Imperative 

Ans : (C) Exclamatory

  1. The country lies …………. those mountains that your can see from here. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) below

(B) beyond  

(C) against

(D) beneath  

Ans : (B) beyond  

  1. They are proud winners. (Choose the adjective)  

(A) Proud

(B) Are  

(C) They

(D) Winners  

Ans : (A) Proud

  1. Does a mother not love her child ? (Choose the correct Assertive Sentence)  

(A) A mother loves her child not.  

(B) A mother loves her child.  

(C) Loves her child a mother.  

(D) Loves her child a mother not.

Ans :  (B) A mother loves her child.  

  1. Nobody should …………. on the poor. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) look over

(B) look on  

(C) look at

(D) look down  

Ans :

  1. …………. article he is reading is very interesting. (Choose the suitable option)  

(A) A

(B) An  

(C) The

(D) no article  

Ans : (D) no article  

  1. Use mask as a precaution …………. Corona Virus. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) for

(B) against  

(C) from

(D) to  

Ans : (B) against  

  1. These days, Ram …………. his homework quite often. (Choose the correct option)  

(A) forgotten

(B) forgot  

(C) forget

(D) forgets  

Ans : (D) forgets  

Instruction : Question from 61 to 100 are based on the prescribed texts: 

  1. Indian Civilization is ………….  

(A) Godless

(B) based on partiality  

(C) based on matter

(D) based on belief in God 

Ans : (D) based on belief in God 

  1. Mahatma Gandhi was not …………. of material progress of the West.  

(A) enamoured

(B) critical  

(C) pleased

(D) contemptuous

Ans :  (A) enamoured

  1. ‘A Pinch of Snuff’ is ………….  

(A) a short story

(B) an essay  

(C) a drama

(D) a speech  

Ans : (A) a short story

  1. If America becomes a great nation, it mustn’t overlook the problems of  ………….  

(A) Farmers

(B) Labourers  

(C) Negroes

(D) Unemployeds 

Ans : (C) Negroes

  1. Bertrand Russell was a philosopher and a …………. 

(A) Geologist

(B) Chemist  

(C) Botanist

(D) Mathematician

Ans :  (D) Mathematician

  1. The teacher who caught Seibei playing with gourd ………….  

(A) appreciated him

(B) depreciated him  

(C) awarded him

(D) punished him 

Ans : (D) punished him 

  1. In Bangladesh, children are looked after by the ………….  

(A) father only

(B) mother only  

(C) whole family

(D) maids  

Ans : (C) whole family

  1. The editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by …………. factors.  

(A) three

(B) two  

(C) four

(D) five 

Ans : (B) two  

  1. Benjy’s hens were producing an average of …………. a week.  

(A) 300 eggs

(B) 200 eggs  

(C) 100 eggs

(D) 400 eggs  

Ans : (B) 200 eggs  

  1. India was a part of the background of ………….  

(A) The doctor’s life

(B) The wife’s life  

(C) The Kashmiri man’s life

(D) Pearl S. Buck’s life 

Ans : (D) Pearl S. Buck’s life 

  1. Natalia is the daughter of ………….  

(A) Choobookov

(B) Chekhov  

(C) Ivan

(D) Vassilievich 

Ans : (A) Choobookov

  1. …………. is ever present in India.  

(A) Religion

(B) Fear  

(C) Hatred

(D) Jealousy  

Ans : (A) Religion

  1. Seibei’s mother was …………. with him.  

(A) angry

(B) happy  

(C) terrified

(D) sad  

Ans : (A) angry

  1. The …………. of a few women raised in warning cannot be heard over  the humming and throbbing of our machines.  

(A) singing

(B) crying  

(C) voices

(D) sleeping  

Ans : (C) voices

  1. Benjy showed no signs of …………. while driving away his parents.  

(A) normal emotion

(B) sadness  

(C) anxiety

(D) fear   

Ans : (A) normal emotion

  1. The redness of the fire appears …………. to the poet.  

(A) nice

(B) cruel  

(C) comfortable

(D) acceptable

Ans :  (B) cruel  

  1. Who composed ‘Song of Myself’ ?  

(A) John Donne

(B) W. H. Auden  

(C) John Keats

(D) Walt Whitman 

Ans :  (D) Walt Whitman 

  1. ‘Nurse’ in the poem ‘Now the Leaves are Falling Fast’ stands for  ………….  

(A) a plant

(B) a fruit  

(C) a tree

(D) a bird  

Ans : (A) a plant

  1. ‘Ode to Autumn’ exhibits the principle of …………. in nature.  

(A) joy

(B) contentment  

(C) sorrow

(D) beauty  

Ans : (D) beauty  

  1. ‘An Epitaph’ deals with a beautiful ………….  

 (A) girl

(B) lady  

(C) baby

(D) puppy  

Ans : (B) lady  

  1. ‘The Soldier’ is ………….  

(A) an ode

(B) a sonnet  

(C) an epic

(D) an elegy 

Ans : (B) a sonnet  

  1. Macavity is a …………. cat.  

(A) miserable

(B) mystery  

(C) appealing

(D) respectable 

Ans : (B) mystery  

  1. The term ‘Zoroastrian’ in ‘Fire-Hymn’ stands for ………….  

(A) Hindu

(B) Muslim  

(C) Christian

(D) Parsi  

Ans : (D) Parsi  

  1. ‘A king in exile’ in the poem ‘Snake’ stands for ………….  

(A) the rat

(B) the elephant  

(C) the snake

(D) the lion  

Ans : (C) the snake

  1. The speaker of ‘My Grandmother’s House’ is proud of ………….  

(A) her parent’s house

(B) her grandmother’s house  

(C) her uncle’s house

(D) her aunt’s house 

Ans : (B) her grandmother’s house  

  1. The poet had gone to the water trough on a …………. day.  

(A) hot

(B) stuffy  

(C) cold

(D) pleasant  

Ans : (A) hot

  1. Macavity is the bafflement of ………….  

(A) Lower yard

(B) Buscot yard  

(C) Dcot yard

(D) Scotland yard 

Ans : (D) Scotland yard 

  1. The theme of the poem ‘An Epitaph’ is ………….  

(A) patriotic

(B) melancholic  

(C) romantic

(D) mysterious  

Ans : (B) melancholic  

  1. According to W. H. Auden, the …………. has become dumb to see the  leafless tree.  

(A) hen

(B) sparrow  

(C) nightingale

(D) peacock 

Ans : (C) nightingale

  1. Who wrote ‘The Scholar Gipsy’ ?  

(A) Matthew Arnold

(B) W. B. yeats  

(C) Robert Bridges

(D) Thomas Hardy 

Ans : (A) Matthew Arnold

  1. Who wrote ‘Endymion’ ?  

(A) William Wordsworth

(B) John Keats  

(C) P. B. Shelley

(D) S. T. Coleridge 

Ans : (B) John Keats  

  1. The 18th century is known as the ………….  

(A) Cavalier Age

(B) Jacobean Age  

(C) Augustan Age

(D) Romantic Age 

Ans : (C) Augustan Age

  1. A major linguistic change in English is ………….  

(A) The Great Vowel Shift

(B) Received Pronunciation  

(C) Language Change

(D) Vocabulary Shift 

Ans : (A) The Great Vowel Shift

  1. The Old English Period is characterized by ………….  

(A) vocabulary

(B) mood  

(C) inflection

(D) gender 

Ans : (C) inflection

  1. Goldsmith and Sheridan made contributions to the ………….  

(A) Novel

(B) Non-fiction writing  

(C) Poetry

(D) English stage 

Ans :  (C) Poetry

  1. Who wrote ‘Huckleberry Finn’ ?  

(A) Herman Melville

(B) Henry James  

(C) Earnest Hemingway

(D) Mark Twain 

Ans : (D) Mark Twain 

  1. The …………. helped in simplifying English.  

(A) Bible

(B) Quran  

(C) Mahabharata

(D) Ramayana 

Ans : (A) Bible

  1. Who wrote Macbeth and ‘Julius Caesar’ ?  

(A) Johnson

(B) Goldsmith  

(C) Shakespeare

(D) Sheridan 

Ans : (C) Shakespeare

  1. The word ‘drama’ comes from a …………. word.  

(A) Latin

(B) Indian  

(C) Scandinavian

(D) Greek 

Ans : (D) Greek 

  1. Who wrote ‘Tughlaq’ ?  

(A) Girish Karnad

(B) R. N. Tagore  

(C) Toru Dutt

(D) Aurobindo 

Ans : (A) Girish Karnad

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