12th English 100 Marks

12th English 100 Marks Bihar Board : Here you can find class 12th english 100 marks chapter 7 Summary in english for Bihar Board exam 2022-23

A Child Born Summary

‘A Child is Born’ is an essay written by Germaine Greere. In this essay she has focused on the social & cultural aspects regarding parent-child & child-family relationship. She says that the celebration at the time of a child’s birth is mainly seen in a traditional societies and the birth is often attended there. when a girl is pregnant for the first time she goes to her mother’s house. She receive love from all the members of the family and all the activities are like a celebration there. ln eastern societies all the children are reared together. Mother & child both are treated with equal respect. But in technocrate societies such a warmness is not seen. Finally, it’s an awesome presentation of Germaine Greeree. where he has beautifully expressed the culturural peculiarities of the east and the west.

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