English Class 12 Chapter 8 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 8 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. Fire Hymn objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. Fire Hymn written by Keki N Daruwalla .

Fire Hymn Objective Questions

  1. Who has Composed the poem ‘Fire Hymn’?

(a.) Kamala Das

(b.) Keki N Daruwalla

(c.) Rupert Brooke

(d.) John Keats

Ans (b.) Keki N Daruwalla

  1. Keki N Daruwalla was the recipient of …….

(a.) Pulitzer Prize

(b.) Bharat Ratna

(c.) Sahitya Academy Award

(d.) Gyanpeeth award

Ans (c.) Sahitya Academy Award

  1. Which of the following poet had been in police service also?

(a.) John Donne  

(b.) D H Lawrence

(c.) Keki N Daruwalla

(d.) Rupert Brooke

Ans (c.) Keki N Daruwalla

  1. Keki N Daruwalla was not only a poet but also a ………

(a.) Civil servant

(b.) Priest

(c.) teacher

(d.) doctor

Ans (a.) Civil servant

  1. The speaker in Fire-hymn belongs to …….. religion.

(a.) Indian

(b.) African

(c.) Zoroastrian

(d.) Nigerian

Ans (c.) Zoroastrian

  1. Keki N Daruwalla received the ‘Sahitya Academy award’ in ……….

(a.) 1982

(b.) 1983

(c.) 1984  

(d.) 1985

Ans (c.) 1984  

  1. In the poem,the poet is describing a ………. .

(a.) river

(b.) mango grove

(c.) cemetery

(d.) burning ghat

Ans (d.) burning ghat

  1. The speaker is strolling nearby a ghat with his ………… .

(a.) Uncle

(b.) Father

(c.) Brother

(d.) religious teacher

Ans (b.) Father

  1. What did the poet see at the ghat?

(a.) embers

(b.) half cooked limbs

(c.) bones

(d.) All of the above

Ans (d.) All of the above

  1. what happened to the speaker after seeing the half cooked limbs?

(a.) he trembled

(b.) he started to scream

(c.) his fingers clenched

(d.)he regretted

Ans (c.) his fingers clenched

  1. Who is frightened at burning ghat?

(a.) poet

(b.) people

(c.) passers-by

(d.) poet’s father

Ans (c.) passers-by

  1. The redness of the fire appeared ……. To the speaker.

(a.) pleasant

(b.) evil

(c.) wonderful

(d.) cruel

Ans (d.) cruel

  1. Where is the ghat located?

(a.) nearby a river

(b.) on a beach

(c.) in an orchard

(d.) inside a zoo

Ans (a.) nearby a river

  1. where does a Zoroastrian dispose their body?

(a.) cemetery

(b.) kitchen(apayo,north Philippines)

(c.) mortuary

(d.) Tower of silence

Ans (d.) Tower of silence

  1. The poet is ……… to see the cruel act of fire.

(a.) glad

(b.) gloomy

(c.) horrified

(d.) regretting

Ans (c.) horrified

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