English Class 12 Chapter 5 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 5 Subjective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Subjective questions for bihar board exam 2024. Ideas That Have Helped Mankind subjective questions is very important for board exam 2024.

Ideas That Have Helped Mankind Subjective Questions

1. Has civilization taught us to be more friendly towards one another?

Ans. Yes, civilization has taught us to be more friendly towards one another. Human beings usually give respect and regard to their elders unlike of the birds.

2. What is our attitude towards those ‘outside our herd’?

Ans. Inspite of all the moral and religious teachings we often react in a hostile manner and sometimes in a ferocious way.

3. What are the two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind

Ans. Two broad categories of ideas that have helped mankind are those which enhance our knowledge, improve our technique and which have a bearing on our moral values and politics.

4. Did language play a role in human development?

Ans. Language did play an important role in human development. It was difficult to pin point when the language was started to be used. But one thing was certain, it was the language which had helped in passing knowledge and technique from one generation to another. It was the language which had helped us in making progress in every sphere of human endeavour and arrived at the present stage of advancement. It was therefore, very obvious that language had played an important role in progress and development of mankind.

5. How many languages do you know apart from your mother tongue? Has it helped you in any way?

Ans. My mother tongue is Hindi, but in school we are taught several other languages such as English, Sanskrit and Urdu. This enriches our knowledge and vocabulary and helps in conversing with people who do not understand our mother tongue. English is the language which is spoken throughout the world and is the most common link language.

6. What was the role of fire in our development?

Ans. The invention of fire proved a milestone in our development. It created light in the darkness and protected us from wild animals. Later on it resulted in the art of Cookery.

7. Discuss the ideas that have helped mankind.

Ans. The ideas that have helped mankind are those which contribute to knowledge and technique, which are concerned with ethics, moral values and politics. The slow and gradual emergence of expression through language has rendered maximum help to mankind. Human beings are gifted with sense of foresightness, capacity to think and predictions to avert miseries and disasters. Development of language is the first major step towards advancement and this has helped in the passing the knowledge and learning from one generation to another. In other words, it is transmission of the ideas, which has enabled us to make tremendous progress in every sphere of human endeavour. Further, the knowledge of language and learning has helped mankind in gaining new ideas and in gaining intellectual superiority. We may add here that while ideas have increased the thinking capacity and intellectual level of man, he is still lagging behind in moral values. Man may be friendly to people of own country but he has not been able to cross the boundaries to attain the universal brotherhood.

8. How are human beings different from animals? Explain.

Ans. Human beings are biologically superior to animals. They are intelligent and can pass on their knowledge and learning from one generation to next generation. However, with regard to physical capabilities they are at a disadvantage in comparison to animals. Their immunity system, tolerance level of heat and cold is less than those of animals. However, thinking capacity and technical skills make them superior to the animals. They use their mind in intelligent ways by concentrating on population increase, taming the animals and eating cooked food which has grown the civilization in the highly advanced form. Acquired skills are far more important than the congenital skills. In this direction man’s desire to attain dominance has also played a significant role and he has become progressively distinct and different from other animals.

9. How has the civilization helped us? Discuss.

Ans. Development of civilization is manifested by the evolution of mankind from the stone age to the present highly developed and advanced living with the help of new discoveries and inventions. For people outside our herd we become as ferocious as animals. In this way, progress of civilization has been able to bring limited changes in our overall behaviour and attitudes.

10. Is it important for us to be civilized? Give examples of the civilized behaviour that you practise in your everyday life.

Ans. Yes, it is important for us to be civilized. Civilization is a way of life and is reflected in the way we conduct ourselves in the society. Our attitudes, our behaviour, our way of dealings, our dress sense, our appearance and our level of education and understanding are all indicative of the civilized way of living.

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