English Class 12 Chapter 10 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 10 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. My Grandmother’s House objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. Macavity : My Grandmother’s House written by Kamala Das.

My Grandmother’s House Objective Questions

  1. Who has written the poem ‘My grandmother’s house?

(a.) John Donne

(b.) Walt Whitman

(c.) Kamala Das

(d.) Rupert Brooke

Ans (c.) Kamala Das

  1. Kamla suraiya has not only written in English but also in …….

(a.) Tamil

(b.) Malayalam

(c.) Bengali

(d.) Telugu

Ans (b.) Malayalam

  1. ‘Summer in Kolkata’ is a collection of poems by

(a.) Kamala Das

(b.) Keki N Daruwalla

(c.) John Keats

(d.) Walt Whitman

Ans (a.) Kamala Das

  1. The house of the poetess’ grandmother is ….. now.

(a.) far

(b.) cold

(c.) near

(d.) dusty

Ans (a.) far

  1. ‘There is a house now far away where once I received love’ – is from the poem.

(a.) Song of myself

(b.) Ode to Autumn

(c.) My grandmother’s house

(d.) Snake

Ans (c.) My grandmother’s house

  1. Snakes were seen among …….. in My grandmother’s house’.

(a.) beds

(b.) books

(c.) Chairs

(d.) rooms

Ans (b.) books

  1. The poet’s blood turned cold like

(a.) snow

(b.) moon

(c.) water

(d.) ice-cream

Ans (b.) moon

  1. The grandmother of the poetess is …….. now.

(a.) helpless

(b.) Very old

(c.) no more

(d.) ill

Ans (c.) no more

  1. Kamala Das is a/an ……. poet.

(a.) American

(b.) Indian

(c.) African

(d.) Chinese

Ans (b.) Indian

  1. The poetess begs at ……… Door.

(a.) friend’s

(b.) family’s

(c.) stranger’s

(d.) enemy’s

Ans (c.) stranger’s

  1. What is the name of Kamala Suraiya’s autobiography?

(a.) my story

(b.) my several worlds

(c.) A small boy and others

(d.) my experiment with truth

Ans (a.) my story

  1. The speaker says that she has lost her ……

(a.) wit

(b.) purse

(c.) world

(d.) way

Ans (d.) way

  1. Kamala Das was shortlisted for Noble prize in

(a.) 1980

(b.) 1981

(c.) 1984

(d.) 1985

Ans (c.) 1984

  1. What happened to the house after the grandmother died?

(a.) the house demolished

(b.) the house was remodeled

(c.) the house withdrew into silence

(d.) the house was sold

Ans (c.) the house withdrew into silence

  1. Summer in Kolkata was published in

(a.) 1960

(b.) 1963

(c.) 1965

(d.) 1967

Ans (b.) 1963

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