English Class 12 Chapter 3 Bihar Board

English Class 12 Chapter 3 Objective Bihar Board : A Pinch of Snuff Objective Question Answer 2024 : Here you can find class 12th English objective question for Bihar board exam. A Pinch of Snuff objective question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. A Pinch of Snuff objective question : Bihar board 12th English chapter 3 pdf notes download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified by Our Expert Teacher.

A Pinch of Snuff Objective Questions

1. Who is coming to Delhi to see some minister?

(A) Barkat Ali

(B) Sohan Lal

(C) Nanukaka

(D) under-secretary

Ans (C) Nanukaka

2. In which season did Naņukaka visit Delhi?

(A) winter

(B) Autumn

(C) Spring is

(D) summer

Ans (D) summer

3. Which of the following is not the work of Monohar Malgaonkar?

(A) the princes

(B) two leaves & a bud

(C) Bombay beware

(D) Distant drum

Ans (B) two leaves & a bud

4. ‘A pinch of snuff is a……. story.

(A) Comic

(B) adventurous

(C) comic & Audenturous

(D) tragedy

Ans (C) comic & Audenturous

5. The writer of ‘A pinch of snuff was a/an ……… on probation?

(A) secretary

(B) attendant

(C) under- secretary

(D) commissioner

Ans (C) under- secretary

6. Who has been very loyal towards her side of the family?

(A) aunt

(B) mother

(C) grand ma

(D) sister

Ans (B) mother

7. Nanukaka was to stay for…….

(A) 3 or 4 days

(B) 2 or 3 days

(C) 4 or 5 days

(D) 10 or 15days

Ans (B) 2 or 3 days

8. ………informed the under-secretary about Nanukaka’s visit

(A) grandma

(B) sister

(C) mother

(D) brother

Ans (C) mother

9. Nanukaka was the narrator’s ………..

(A) maternal uncle

(B) father

(C) cousin

(D) mother

Ans (A) maternal uncle

10. Who was waiting on the platform when the train came in?

(A) mother

(B) narrator

(C) minister

(D) TC

Ans (B) narrator

11. ………..is the main character of ‘A pinch of snuff?

(A) Nanukaka

(B) Barkat Ali

(C) Manohar Malgaonkar

(D) Sohan Lal

Ans (A) Nanukaka

12. Nanukaka belongs to

(A) Gujarat

(B) Bihar

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Bengal

Ans (C) Maharashtra

13. Nanukaka brought a………. with him?

(A) cub

(B) kid

(C) kitten

(D) puppy

Ans (C) kitten

14. Nanukaka was standing on the doorway of ……. class carriage.

(A) 1st

(B) 2nd

(C) 3rd

(D) 4th

Ans (B) 2nd

15. Who often takes a pinch of snuff from the silver box?

(A) Sohan Lal

(B) Nanukaka

(C) Writer

(D) Barkat Ali

Ans (B) Nanukaka

16. Who was Ratiram?

(A) Sohan Lal’s Son

(B) Nanukaka’s Nephew

(C) Welfare minister’s peon

(D) Barkat Ali’s Secretary

Ans (A) Sohan Lal’s Son

17. Sohan Lal Ratiram is a/an ………… In Delhi.

(A) Ambassador

(B) Trade Commissioner

(C) Party Boss

(D) Secretary

Ans (C) Party Boss

18. Nanukaka often used to wear a … coat.

(A) Pathani Coat

(B) Jodhpuri Coat

(C) Khaadi Coat

(D) Deccani Coat

Ans (B) Jodhpuri Coat

19. In linguistic emergency, Nanukaka always turned to .

(A) Gujarati

(B) mother tongue

(C) Hindi

(D) Deccani

Ans (B) mother tongue

20. Who is the ambassador in the story ‘A Pinch of Snuff ?

(A) Sohan Lal

(B) Nanukaka

(C) Narrator

(D) Barkat Ali

Ans (D) Barkat Ali

21. Nanukaka has a unique quality of telling……

(A) lies

(B) truth

(C) stories

(D) n.o.t

Ans (A) lies

22. What does Probation mean ?

(A) On leave

(B) On Job

(C) On Furlough

(D) On training

Ans (D) On training

23. Leaders are regarded as ……….. step higher than God.

(A) one

(B) two

(C) five

(D) ten

Ans (B) two

24. The narrator and the son of ……. worked in the same ministry.

(A) Sohan Lal

(B) Barkat Ali

(C) Welfare minister

(D) Nanukaka

Ans (A) Sohan Lal

25. While we arrived,SohanLal was gurgling . In the next room ?

(A) Hookah

(B) water

(C) coffee

(D) n.o.t

Ans (A) Hookah

26. Who returned the proposal for her daughter to marry Sohan Lal’s son.

(A) home minister

(B) foreign minister

(C) welfare minister

(D) ambassador

Ans (C) welfare minister

27. The welfare minister fixed his daughter’s marriage to the prince of ……

(A) Sangli

(B) Makran

(C) Janjira

(D) Ninnore

Ans (D) Ninnore

28. After visiting Sohan lal, Nanukaka was again ready to visit

(A) home minister

(B) ambassador

(C) princely stat

(D) welfare minister

Ans (D) welfare minister

29. Who turned to a liveried chauffeur?

(A) Nanukaka

(B) narrator

(C) dealer

(D) secretary

Ans (B) narrator

30. Nanukaka wrote a cheque for a ……… rupees.

(A) 100 rupees

(B) 500 rupees

(C) 1000 rupees

(D) 10000 rupees

Ans (C) 1000 rupees

31. After writing cheque Nanukaka told me to call my…………

(A) barber

(B) cobbler

(C) milkman

(D) dhobi

Ans (D) dhobi

32. Narrator & nanukaka drove away to dealers to see a car in ………….

(A) Rani automobiles

(B) Sikka auto dealers

(C) Sonam enterprises

(D) Doaba motors

Ans (B) Sikka auto dealers

33. Who said there is nothing like honesty.

(A) Ambassador

(B) under-secretary

(C) Nanukaka

(D) auto dealers

Ans (C) Nanukaka

34. As a reward nanukaka gave dhobi a ……. rupee note.

(A) 1 rupee

(B) 2 rupee

(C) 3 rupee

(D) 4 rupee

Ans (B) 2 rupee

35. Nanukaka visited the welfare minister in guise of………

(A) Magician

(B) doctor

(C) astrologer

(D) Astronomer

Ans (C) astrologer

36. Nanukaka came to Delhi to meet some

(A) Minister

(B) Officers

(C) Magistrate

(D) Governors

Ans (A) Minister

37. ……… opened his snuff box and had a pinch of it.

(A) Nanukaka

(B) Ramu Kaka

(C) Kirit Kaka

(D) Hari Kaka

Ans (A) Nanukaka

38. Nanukaka was supposed to meet a minister in the

(A) East block

(B) North block

(C) West block

(D) South block

Ans (B) North block

39. Nanukaka handed over a cheque of thousand rupees to a

(A) dhobi

(B) barber

(C) plumber

(D) sweeper

Ans (A) dhobi

40. Nanukaka went to the……… Auto Dealers.

(A) Fica

(B) Sikka

(C) Sumeet

(D) Rohan.

Ans (B) Sikka

41. Nanukaka had tied a huge turban round his head.

(A) blue

(B) orange

(C) purple

(D) brown.

Ans (B) orange

42. Nanukaka gave the minister the address of the

(A) narrator

(B) scientist

(C) singer

(D) philosopher

Ans (A) narrator

43. Angocha was kept by………

(A) Manohar Nalgaokar

(B) Ratiram

(C) Nanukaka

(D) Ramu

Ans (B) Ratiram

44. Who travelled free with Nanukaka?

(A) Dog

(B) Rabbit

(C) Hen

(D) Kitten

Ans (D) Kitten

45. Nanukaka was coming to Delhi to

(A) see some people

(B) see some minister

(C) see his sister

(D) see some relatives

Ans (B) see some minister

46. Nanukaka was installed in. ………

(A) guest room

(B) drawing room

(C) author’s bedroom

(D) verandah

Ans (C) author’s bedroom

47. The auther had taken……… days’ leave.

(A) five

(B) three

(C) two

(D) six

Ans (C) two

48. Nanukaka took out his cheque book and wrote a cheque………thousand rupees.

(A) five

(B) two

(C) one

(D) six

Ans (C) one

49. Nanukaka was author’ s. ………

(A) brother

(B) neighbour

(C) maternal uncle

(D) friend

Ans (C) maternal uncle

50. The author was a complex about………

(A) relative

(B) guest

(C) officials

(D) ministers

Ans (D) ministers

51. Nanukaka travelled in………class.

(A) Ac

(B) Second

(C) Third

(D) First

Ans (B) Second

52. On the platform, Nanukaka handed over the author………

(A) bag

(B) box

(C) briefcase

(D) basket

Ans (D) basket

53. The basket contained.………

(A) fruits

(B) cat

(C) sweets

(D) vegetables

Ans (B) cat

54. The author was merely………

(A) an under secretary

(B) a secretary

(C) a clerk

(D) a peon

Ans (A) an under secretary

55. The second important person Nanukaka had planned to meet was.………

(A) Home Minister

(B) Railway Minister

(C) Welfare Minister

(D) None

Ans (C) Welfare Minister

56. Ratiram was the son of………

(A) Mohanlal Ratiram

(B) Jaganlal Ratiram

(C) Sohanlal Ratiram

(D) None

Ans (B) Jaganlal Ratiram

57. The speaker put on his white Jodhpuri coat and the .………. turban.

(A) orange

(B) red

(C) yellow

(D) black

Ans (A) orange

58. The narrator in “A Pinch of Snuff was a/an.……….on probation

(A) Secretary

(B) Clerk

(C) Under-Secretary

(D) Bank Officer

Ans (C) Under-Secretary

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