English Class 12 Chapter 5 Bihar Board

12th English 100 Marks Chapter 5 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. Ideas that have Helped Mankind objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. Ideas that have Helped Mankind written by Bertrand Russell

Ideas that have Helped Mankind Objective Questions

  1. Who has written ‘Ideas that have helped mankind’?

(a.) Bertrand Russell

(b.) H. E Bates

(c.) Martin Luther King Jr.

(d.) Anton Chekhov

Ans (a.) Bertrand Russell

  1. Bertrand Russell was a Philosopher and a ……………

(a.) Psephologist 

(b.) geologist

(c.) mathematician

(d.) scientist

Ans (c.) mathematician

3.Bertrand Russell was awarded Noble prize for literature in the year ………..?

(a.) 1948  

(b.) 1950

(c.) 1955

(d.) 1960

Ans (b.) 1950

  1. Utilization of . proved to be a milestone in human progress.

(a.) stone  

(b.) fire

(c.) animal

(d.) wheel

Ans (b.) fire

  1. Has Civilization taught us to be more………….towards one another.

(a.) enemy

(b.) angry

(c.) upset

(d.) friendly

Ans (d.) friendly

  1. The taming of ……….. animals made life much pleasant.

(a.) Wild

(b.) Weak

(c.) Robust

(d.) Domestic

Ans (d.) Domestic

  1. ………… Skills play a more important role than the congenital ones

(a.) adolescent

(b.) acquired

(c.) childhood

(d.) new

Ans (b.) acquired

  1. In the year1946-47,a great percentage of bird and humans died due to

(a.) flood

(b.) earthquake

(c.) hunger

(d.) war

Ans (c.) hunger

  1. The most indubitable respect in which ideas have helped mankind is

(a.) money

(b.) machines

(c.) computer

(d.) numbers

Ans (d.) numbers

  1. Bertrand Russell belongs to ….

(a.) America

(b.) Africa

(c.) England

(d.) Japan

Ans (c.) England

  1. According to Bertrand Russell which of the following were not the ideas of pre-historic times.

(a.) invention of language

(b.) utilization of fire qurle

(c.) invention of printing technology

(d.) taming of animals

Ans (c.) invention of printing technology

  1. In how many types has Russell divided the ideas?

(a.) one

(b.) two

(c.) three

(d.) four

Ans (b.) two

  1. The two ideas which contributed the mankind were knowledge and techniques & ………..

(a.) moral and values

(b.) moral and politics

(c.) moral and inventions

(d.) moral and wisdom

Ans (b.) moral and politics

  1. Every human death by starvation is preceded by a long period of ……..

(a.) trouble

(b.) difficulties

(c.) hunger

(d.) anxiety

Ans (d.) anxiety

  1. Who gave the theory of evolution?

(a.) Galileo

(b.) Newton

(c.) Edison

(d.) Charles Darwin

Ans (d.) Charles Darwin

  1. The most important and difficult steps were taken before the dawn of ………….

(a.) History

(b.) revolution

(c.) invention

(d.) industry

Ans (a.) History

  1. ‘Roads to freedom was written by’.

(a.) Martin Luther King Jr.

(b.) William Shakespeare

(c.) Bertrand Russell

(d.) Mahatma Gandhi

Ans (c.) Bertrand Russell

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