English Class 12 Chapter 4 Bihar Board

English Class 12 Chapter 4 Objective Bihar Board : I Have a Dream Objective Question Answer 2024 : Here you can find class 12th English objective question for Bihar board exam. I Have a Dream objective question is very important for Bihar board exam 2024. I Have a Dream objective question : Bihar board 12th English chapter 4 pdf notes download : Click to download | 100% Answer Verified by Our Expert Teacher.

I Have a Dream Objective Questions

1. I have a dream’ is a speech delivered by

(A) Germaine Greer

(B) Shiga Naoya

(C) H.E Bates

(D) Martin Luther Kings Jr.

Ans (D) Martin Luther Kings Jr.

2. And as we walk,we make pledge that we shall

(A) always be satisfied

(B) always fight

(C) always hate people

(D) always march ahead

Ans (D) always march ahead

3. Who fought for the rights of ghettoes and negroes?

(A) Abraham Lincoln

(B) William 3rd

(C) Martin Luther King Jr.

(D) Barack Obama

Ans (C) Martin Luther King Jr.

4. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the speech in ………… hall.

(A) Lincoln memorial

(B) Royal Albert

(C) Boston Symphony

(D) Suntory Hall

Ans (A) Lincoln memorial

5. The bank of justice for Negro is

(A) ruined

(B) failed

(C) bankrupt

(D) staggered

Ans (C) bankrupt

6. Martin Luther won the Noble Price for

(A) literature

(B) peace

(C) medicine

(D) economics

Ans (B) peace

7. Abraham Lincoln signed ………. For the freedom of Negroes.

(A) emancipation proclamation  

(B) independence coalition

(C) Apartheid

(D) slavery campaign

Ans (A) emancipation proclamation  

8. Martin Luther King dislikes ………… discrimination.

(A) caste

(B) sex

(C) religion

(D) racial

Ans (D) racial

9. Abraham Lincoln made a famous speech against …………

(A) Corruption

(B) Poetry

(C) Slavery

(D) Bankruptcy

Ans (A) Slavery

10. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the famous speech on . .. .

(A) 25 Aug. 1964

(B) 28 Aug. 1963

(C) 4 Aprl.1968

(D) 28 Aug. 1964

Ans (B) 28 Aug. 1963

11. Who were languishing in the corners of American Society.

(A) Red Indians

(B) Slaves

(C) Negroid avois

(D) Caucasoid

Ans (C) Negroid avois

12. America has given the Negroes a …….. which has come back marked insufficient funds.

(A) bad cheque

(B) empty cheque

(C) new cheque

(D) bounce cheques

Ans (A) bad cheque

13. Who is known as Black Gandhi ?

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Barack Obama

(C) Martin Luther King Jr.

(D) Nelson Mandela

Ans (C) Martin Luther King Jr.

14. The condition of the Negroes was …………

(A) appalling

(B) blessed

(C) frightening

(D) alarming

Ans (A) appalling

15. Martin Luther advocates …………. Struggle.

(A) violent

(B) non-violent

(C) brief

(D) spiritual

Ans (B) non-violent

16. Martin Luther wants Justice roll down like.

(A) honey

(B) milk

(C) water

(D) stone

Ans (C) water

17. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great orator and a …….. of America.

(A) philosopher

(B) doctor

(C) politician

(D) social activists

Ans (D) social activists

18. The lips of the governor of ……… are silent.

(A) Georgia

(B) Louisiana

(C) Colorado

(D) Alabama

Ans (D) Alabama

19. Martin Luther King Jr. dreams that one day the desert state of Mississippi will transform an ……….. into an of freedom.

(A) Ocean

(B) Oasis

(C) Asylum

(D) Enclosure

Ans (B) Oasis

20. Martin Luther dreams that one day his children would be identified not because of their skin but by the content of their ………..

(A) character

(B) colour

(C) habit

(D) emotion

Ans (A) character

21. The condition of the……….. was appalling.

(A) Hispanics

(B) German

(C) Negroes

(D) French.

Ans (C) Negroes

22. Martin Luther King Jr. was assossination on April 4. ………..in Memphis.

(A) 1968

(B) 1975

(C) 1966

(D) 1970

Ans (A) 1968

23. Martin Luther King Jr. had………..children.

(A) Four

(B) Five

(C) One

(D) Two

Ans (A) Four

24. ………..is a desert state of U.S.A.

(A) Newyork

(B) Mississippi

(C) Las Vegas

(D) Louisiana

Ans (B) Mississippi

25. Martin Luther King Jr. belonged to………..

(A) The U.S.A.

(B) Kenya

(C) India

(D) Austria

Ans (A) The U.S.A.

26. Martin Luther King Jr. was a………..

(A) singer

(B) cartoonist

(C) professor

(D) civil right activist.

Ans (D) civil right activist.

27. Nobel prize for peace was given to Martin Luther King Jr. in………..

(A) 1964

(B) 1971

(C) 1960

(D) 1965

Ans (A) 1964.

28. Martin Luther King Jr loves the white………..

(A) American

(B) French

(C) African

(D) Australian

Ans (A) American

29. Martin Luther King Jr. was a………..

(A) Negro

(B) Indian

(C) Korean

(D) Australian

Ans (A) Negro

30. Let freedom ring from the stone mountain of………..

(A) Georgia

(B) Alps

(C) Dallas

(D) All Tennessee

Ans (A) Georgia

31. Emancipation Proclamation gave the Negro.

(A) slavery

(B) freedom from slavery

(C) captivity

(D) despair

Ans (B) freedom from slavery

32. Martin Luther King, Jr. asks the black people to continue working with

(A) love

(B) hatred

(C) faith

(D) jealousy

Ans (A) love

33. Martin Luther King Jr. uses the unique of “a valley” to represent.

(A) Justice

(B) Bad times

(C) Future

(D) Peace

Ans (B) Bad times

33. Dr. King, Jr. appeals mainly to his listeners..

(A) common sense

(B) desire for better future

(C) sense of guilt

(D) concern about America’s status

Ans (B) desire for better future

34. Which repeated phrase in Dr. king’s speech has additional power because it is from a familiar patriotic song?

(A) “I have a dream”

(B) “Now is the time to”

(C) “One hundred years later”

(D) “Let freedom ring”

Ans (D) “Let freedom ring”

35. Dr. King is convinced that

(A) dreams rarely become reality

(B) the struggle must continue

(C) equality has been achieved

(D) justice is a priviledge

Ans (B) the struggle must continue

36. King says his dream.

(A) occured while happing on a New Hampshire hilltop

(B) included Abrahm Lincoln and the governor of Alabama

(C) is rooted in the American dream

(D) became a nightmare of nullification

Ans (C) is rooted in the American dream

37. The overall tone of king’s speech is..

(A) angry

(B) depressing

(C) inspiring

(D) argumentative

Ans (C) inspiring

38. King uses manacies to represent

(A) slavery

(B) freedom

(C) segregation

(D) equality

Ans (C) segregation

39. is sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression

(A) Mississippi

(B) Chicago

(C) New York

(D) Texas

Ans (A) Mississippi

40. Negro is granted his.. rights.

(A) citizenship

(B) education

(C) democracy

(D) freedom

Ans (A) citizenship

41. Martin Luther King Jr. belongs to

(A) The USA

(B) Britain

(C) Germany

(D) France

Ans (A) The USA

42. Martin Luther King was the youngest person to receive the…… ..in 1964:

(A) Booker Prize

(B) Nobel Prize

(C) National Award for Innovation

(D) Ibrahim Prize for Achievement

Ans (B) Nobel Prize

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