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12th English 100 Marks Chapter 1 Objective : Here you can find Bihar Board class 12th english 100 marks Objective questions for bihar board exam 2022. indian civilization and culture objective questions is very important for board exam 2022. indian civilization and culture written by Mahatma gandhi.

Indian Civilization and Culture Objective Questions

  1. Which type of prose piece is ‘Indian civilization and culture’?

(a.) story

(b.) speech

(c.) essay

(d.) drama

Ans (c.) essay

  1. Who wrote the famous book ‘The decline and fall of Roman empire’?

(a.) Mahatma Gandhi

(b.) Edward Gibbon

(c.) Jonathan Swift

(d.) William Shakespeare

Ans (b.) Edward Gibbon

  1. What does The golden Fleece’ mean?

(a.) Difficult to find

(b.) Easy to get

(c.) A new thing

(d.) A lovely object

Ans (a.) Difficult to find

  1. Attic civilization belongs to… .

(a.) China

(b.) Rome

(c.) India

(d.) Greece

Ans (d.) Greece

  1. Civilization is that mode of conduct which points out to man the path of ..

(a.) help

(b.) work

(c.) duty

(d.) need

Ans (c.) duty

  1. Hinduism has made marvellous discoveries in things of religion, of the spirit ,of the .

(a.) Passion

(b.) soul

(c.) love

(d.) Unity

Ans (b.) soul

  1. Gandhiji was born on . ..

(a.) 30 Jan 1869

(b.) 30 march 1848

(c.) 2 oct 1869

(d.) 30 jan 1948

Ans (c.) 2 oct 1869

  1. Our ancestors enjoyed ……………rule.

(a.) noble  

(b.) home

(c.) fine

(d.) good

Ans (b.) home

  1. What is the glory of India ? It remains ………..

(a.) movable

(b.) Glorious

(c.) Immovable

(d.) beautiful

Ans (c.) Immovable

  1. What was that our ancestors satisfied with?

(a.) Cities

(b.) towns

(c.) small villages   

(d.) province

Ans (c.) small villages 

  1. Who has written ‘Indian Civilization and culture’?

(a.) Zakir Hussain

(b.) Mahatma Gandhi

(c.) Anton Chekhov

(d.) Manohar Malgaonkar

Ans (b.) Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Which one of the following is the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi?

(a.) Long walk to freedom

(b.) The Glass Castle

(c.) My experiment with truth

(d.) Yes Please

Ans (c.) My experiment with truth

  1. Who were ‘Pharaohs’?

(a.) rulers of Egypt

(b.) rulers of Rome

(c.) rulers of Japan

(d.) rulers of Greece

Ans (a.) rulers of Egypt

  1. With which one of the following journal was Mahatma Gandhi associated?

(a.) Young India

(b.) Indian Mirror

(c.) New India

(d.) Bombay Chronicle

Ans (a.) Young India

  1. Indian civilization worships…….

(a.) character

(b.) immorality

(c.) good conduct

(d.) morality

Ans (d.) morality

  1. What does the Gujarati equivalent for civilization mean ?

(a.) good behavior

(b.) good manner

(c.) good conduct

(d.) good character

Ans (c.) good conduct

  1. In the word of Gandhi mind is a……..

(a.) restless book

(b.) restless bird

(c.) restless body

(d.) restless bunny

Ans (b.) restless bird

  1. What does the western civilization propagate ?

(a.) immorality

(b.) morality

(c.) mortality

(d.) mentality

Ans (a.) immorality

  1. Our forefather’s did not invent machinery because ……

(a.) they knew we would become slaves

(b.) they knew we would be happy.

(c.) they did not like to see us comfortable

(d.) they were jealous of us.

Ans (a.) they knew we would become slaves

  1. After all there is something in Hinduism that has kept it ……. till now.

(a.) dynamic

(b.) alive

(c.) busy

(d.) popular

Ans (b.) alive

  1. Edward Gibbon is associated with…

(a.) italy

(b.) Russia

(c.) Sweden

(d.) America

Ans (a.) italy

  1. The distinguishing characteristic of modern civilization is indefinite multiplicity of human wants- this line has been taken from.

(a.) Indian Civilization and Culture

(b.) Bharat is my home

(c.) A Pinch of Snuff

(d.) l have a Dream

Ans (a.) Indian Civilization and Culture

  1. I believe that the Civilization India has evolved is not to be beaten in the world- this line has been taken from.

(a.) Indian Civilization and Culture

(b.) Bharat is my home

(c.) A Pinch of Snuff

(d.) l have a Dream

Ans (a.) Indian Civilization and Culture

  1. European Civilization will mean …. for India.

(a.) want

(b.) living

(c.) ruin  

(d.) progress

Ans (c.) ruin  

  1. Gandhiji died at the hands of fanatic on

(a.) 31 Oct. 1948

(b.) 30 Jan 1948

(c.) 30 Mar 1948

(d.) 30 May 1948

Ans (b.) 30 Jan 1948

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